Thursday, October 26, 2006

Anyone Have the Time?

because I don't. Lately my world--which used to be very orderly--has been scattered and rushed and filled with chaos. It's to the point where I'm now forgetting things and am forced to write things down.

Finding the time to write has not been easy either. If it's not the phone ringing, it's some task that needs my attention. Whether online or off. Laundry, dishes, email, groups...there's always something pulling me out of my 'zone'. I don't see much of an end either...maybe after the holidays, but I won't be holding my breath on that.

However, I have gotten some writing done this week, despite all the craziness. I've been working on my suspense thriller, Spilled Blood. So far so good. Also, I've been working on my synopsis for the story I just finished. Gotta get that baby sent in soon!

How's everyone else's week been going? Hopefully slightly calmer than mine!


  1. Anne, beautiful blog lady. Welcome to the insanity of a writer. I don't know if it every changes, but you do get somewhat used to biting your tongue at those interuptions. *G*

    Hope your weekend is closer to sanity than mine has been.


  2. my weekend was nuts. I felt like a taxi driver, taking kids back and forth...LOL.

    Next weekend don't look much better either. BUT I'm hoping next weekend yours WILL be better!

    and thanks for stopping by! :-)