Saturday, October 21, 2006

a fun new yahoo group!

Click to join Romance_Bistro

Okay Ladies...this is it...the hottest thing since Nathan Kamp appeared on the cover of Wildly Winston. Romance Bistro features a little something for everyone. They'll serve you some spicy excerpts. A flavorful mix of hot hunks and great conversation.

Their smokin' authors include:
Kelley Vitollo
Stacy Dawn
Rene Lyons
Megan Rose
& Anne Rainey

Stacy Dawn gives romance a wake up call and Anne Rainey will give you a passionate encounter in a cabin in the woods. Kelley Vitollo will be glad to tantalize you with a dream man ready to be your sexy Mr. Right. Let Rene Lyons give you a succulent sampling of the paranormal. Maybe Megan Rose will quench your thirst for revenge...or Emma Sinclair will be glad to serve you a tempting dish of fate...

Whatever your taste,

Whatever you crave,

These ladies deliver!


  1. WoW!! Great job.

  2. YOU did a great job getting the group together...lots of fun!

  3. Anonymous12:19 PM

    Hey, thanks for the invite to your new group! Looks great! I can't wait for exerpts and contests!