Sunday, October 15, 2006

I completely soaked up "Take Me"!

oh my, what a great story...and the best ending to a series ever! Seriously! I loved Cali and Jared...I think they are my favorite pair in this series. I just did not know this story was going to be so emotional...dang! And Cali's previous husband, what a jerk!! Oh man, it's a good thing he was dead. I so wanted to kill him for what he'd done to her. I wonder if Monroe plans to do any stories in the future? I'd love for the kids to have their own stories. After a few years--to give them time to grow up.

I ended up reading all day today. Took the time to just veg and read and eat. What a way to spend a chilly Sunday. Curled up with a good book. Lucy Monroe always gives me my money's worth, ya know? While your heart is in your throat and your feelings are being tossed about, you're also dying from the heat these her stories create. Great love scenes! Great ending! Great tortured hero in "Take Me".

...Beauty and the Beast, only better, so much better. If you don't have this series, you should buy it. I'm totally not into historicals really, but I made the exception with this series and I'm glad I did, because it went beyond my expections.

Touch Me
Tempt Me
Take Me

get them. read them. trust me!


  1. I absolutly LOVED this book! I'm about to post a reveiw up on it soon. It was definetly my fave of the series.