Monday, October 02, 2006

Keeping 'it' fresh!

This post is thanks to Jenn, as she got me thinking about this particular topic. How do we as writers keep the sex in a story fresh? How do we keep it from sounding and feeling like every other love scene we've ever read? Some say, cross a few boundaries. Go where most authors don't dare tread. For instance, there’s the idea of multiple partners or maybe tossing in a bit of Dom/sub. Then again, even others say don't show the sex at all...stop it at the bedroom door. However, some of the old school authors advise that with a fun and exciting plotline the love scenes won't matter. Keep the sexual tension going and that will carry you through.

For me, I don't stop at the bedroom door. Those types of stories, while fine for some, are simply not what I want to present to the reading public. I think showing the sex between a loving couple is a glorious thing and nothing to be ashamed of, nor is it something to skim over or take lightly. I think a great love scene stays with a reader. Be honest as you read this, don't you always remember the authors that made you burn? Don't you go back for more? I know I do.

Every favorite author of mine is a favorite in part because they've managed to take me into another world. A world filled with sensuality and eroticism. It creates for me, the reader, a beautiful and thrilling scenario that I remember for days to come. I reread such authors as J. R. Ward, Lori Foster, Shannon McKenna Jaid Black, and Janice Maynard (to name a few) partly because they have scenes that get my heart pounding and my blood running hot. If you've ever read these talented ladies then you already know what I mean.

In closing, as a writer, it's my wish to leave the reader wanting to reread my book. I want the reader to whisper to her friend, "hey, did you read Boyer's story? Was that hot or what?" "Haley's Cabin" is due for release on February of 2007...we'll see then what readers think. Will I be a reread or a toss back to the UBS?

Only time will tell…


  1. Hello that's not even a question! Duh, you'll be a reread and reread and reread. Hell I reread the little tid bits of HC you gave me FOREVER ago. lol. No UBS for Boyer books! I can't wait for it to freaking be out!!! By the way, I love the look of your blog. I MISS YOU!!!

  2. love the new look of the blog!
    Is there a cover for the book yet?

  3. make me feel like all of this is worth it. I hope you're right. I was never in this for the money, I simply want people to read what I write.

    Cara, no cover, no word...I think it's still early yet. I may email my editor and see what's up. Thanks for the interest!

  4. Anonymous10:55 PM

    I'm thought provoking!!

    Who knew??


  5. Love the new look on your blog.