Monday, October 09, 2006


As I read through all the comments it's driven me to add a little more about this topic.

The main reason for the Rumors post is to remind ALL of us (including myself) that these things happen. We can't do anything about them. If someone is going to talk about you that's their problem, it's out of your control. However, maybe it will make us think twice before doing the same thing to someone else. For myself, I think it helps to remember that dwelling on issues that you cannot fix or solve is futile. It can eat away at you until, at some point, you are losing sleep or you may even do something you regret. I have two daughters. I sent the Rumors poem to both of them because let's face it, most of this sort of thing is learned by watching mom and dad. So if they see me gossiping or feeling bitter because I've been the fodder for gossip, what message does that send? On the other hand, if they see that mom has better things to do rather than sit around and talk about someone else's life, then I think they'll get the point.

Mostly, I just think it's a good idea to always learn from your mistakes. While we've all been hurt by gossip, we've probably been the one doing the gossiping a time or two as well. What goes around comes around! I'm sure that I was only getting what I deserved. Well, maybe a bit more than what I deserved, LOL. Still, it's taught me to keep my trap shut.

Lastly, it's not really a matter of who or what hurt me that prompted me to post about it, but mainly to remind myself (and maybe a few others) of what my mom used to say when I was a kid. "Use that filter God gave you, it's there for a reason." So, think long and hard before you decide to start spewing out hateful things, because they will undoubtedly hurt someone down the road.


  1. This is an even more pressing topic when you have daughters, isn't it? I have a 14-year-old son and he's been a breeze in this department. My almost-12-year-old daughter, however, is a different story. These girls are such drama queens. Oy! It's a full time job just trying to teach our daughters about the effects of gossip and how wrong it is, at the same time as trying to teach them not to care what others may say about them.

    Thank you for the great posts, Tami. They're very timely for me with regards to having a pre-teen girl!


  2. I know, Brenna's getting older and she'll be dealing with this stuff, it's good to read posts like this, to keep me in line, because I do tend to gossip with my friends and I know that I've hurt some of my friends by saying things in the heat of the moment to others, so yeah I've learned my lesson but this is a lesson we have to constantly keep reminding ourselves of...

    Great post!