Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Schedules…do you hate them or love them?

I am the type of person who hates having schedules, but I need them. I need to have some idea of what I'm doing from day to day. I find that I hate last minute changes, big pet peeve of mine. Or, when someone who doesn't bother much with schedules calls you at the last minute wanting you to go here or there.

Writing without a schedule is like traveling cross country without a map. You may not like needing it, but you aren't so crazy not to have it as a guide. I try to give myself a set number of pages per day. I like working in the mindset that if I get my pages done, then I've put in a good day. If I get more done then that's just a bonus, it doesn't mean I take the next day off. LOL! Also, giving myself goals and deadlines, helps ensure that I get to take the weekend off with a clear mind. Nothing weighing on me.

Vacations are another story. They are great. We all need them. It gives us time to unwind and spend time with family. We eat too much and over sleep and we love every minute of it. However, my schedule goes right out the window and it seems to take forever to get back on track once vacation is over. Also, I go insane when I can't write! I'm like a little kid and someone is forcing me to sit still in a starched dress in church. Itchy and distracting and it just plain makes me want to shout!

Okay, I feel better. On with your day... :-)

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  1. I try to have a schedule for what I'm going to be doing day to day but I never keep up with it, so I have stopped trying...though it would be a good thing to have, huh?

    How's the writing coming along?