Thursday, October 19, 2006

This poem was written by my dear friend, Calista. I thought it was beautiful and wanted to share. However, please keep in mind this is her work, so it's not to be copy and pasted. Thanks!

Reflection of Art
Calista Cahill

you are the painter of my life
bringing to life the masterpiece
that is me
a vision of hope
a smile when there is nothing but cold shoulders
my friend when all has turned to dust
most of all you are me
the one who is always with me
the one who won't betray me
or openly lie to my face
although at times you have changed
more or less you are the same
you dream with me
you cry with me
you seemingly understand my world
but you are just my reflection
my image cast in a glass
you will not betray my trust
for I know when you are false
for you are me
for only I can truly trust myself
before I can trust and love another
and only you can understand me
before you can release my heart to care again

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