Saturday, November 18, 2006

Casino Royale---very upsetting and disturbing movie!

We saw this movie for my birthday last night…and I'm still bothered about it. This new James Bond movie is action packed and supposedly an awesome movie. We'd heard great things about it. So we took the chance. Big mistake!! This is supposed to be PG-13 and let me tell you, it's extremely disturbing. Disturbing with a capital ‘D’...

In one scene, Bond is stripped naked. They sit him on a chair that has no bottom, just a frame. This way, his private area is hanging down below the chair and he proceeds to get beaten several times in that area by a large rope with a knot on the end...He screams these horrible terrifying screams of agony as he's being hit over and over in the private area. I had to look away and I nearly cried and left the theater. I had to cover my ears to keep from hearing these awful, agonizing, gut-wrenching screams. This is PG-13???????!!!!!!!

I'm disgusted that this was considered PG-13. I cannot imagine my 13 yr old daughter seeing this scene. I was so upset that Les nearly took me out of the theater. He was mad on my behalf…because I was so bothered. He even said, he’s a guy and can handle a lot of disturbing scenes, but this scene bothered him a lot too! We both felt it should have been labeled Rater R—at the very least. NEVER PG-13…

I realize this is based on the Ian Flemming book and in the book the scene of torture lasted an hour...but, this is no Bond movie I would ever want my kids to see. That’s the crux of the problem here. If it had been Rated R, I would have been upset, but not outraged…Rated R, I can understand. Adults can handle that sort of violence I guess, but a 13 year old???

To be totally honest, this movie soured me on Bond movies all together. Also, it lasted for 2hours and 24minutes. It really just drug on. A couple of folks got up and left, because every time we thought it was coming to an end, there was more…it seemed to never end. The thing is, I grew up on James Bond movies. So this is doubly upsetting for me. I should have stuck with Prestige. I think I would have enjoyed that movie. At the very least I wouldn't have felt the need to throw up afterwards.


  1. Oh wow, I'm sorry you didn't enjoy the movie for your birthday. I didn't know that the movie was PG-13. Wow.

    I'm not a big Bond fan myself, but I wanted to see this movie because I think the new Bond guy is really hot! But I'm shallow, so yeah...*sigh* Sorry sweetie!

  2. I always loved bond. and if this scene hadn't been in there I'd be recommending it to everyone I know. but--as a mom--i'm upset that this got a pg-13 rating...

    he is a cutie though. :-)

  3. I'm not crazy about Bond movies in general. So meh. lol. But that definetly doesn't sound like it should be PG-13. I'm with you on that.

  4. The previews showed some skin and sin so I naturally thought it was rater R and the reviews from women have all been about his walking out of the water- maybe they all fainted after that and missed the rest? LOL!
    Wow! PG 13, I think a lot of people will be surprised to see teens in there!
    I would be.

  5. I thought he was a cutie too, but I still haven't seen the movie yet.