Monday, November 13, 2006

Causing Havoc, by Lori Foster

Extreme fighter Dean “Havoc” Connor has knee-melting good looks and a hardened heart. Orphaned and torn from his sisters as a boy, he has no family and he's fine with that. Until he gets a letter revealing how much the once-little girls want him back in Harmony, Kentucky.

First, this story is not connected to Jude's Law. Both Heroes ARE fighters, however.
Second, Causing Havoc comes out February '07.
Third, there is a follow up story called "Simon Says", coming in August '07. You get a tiny glimpse of Simon in Causing Havoc. Simon is Dean's trainer, agent, all around everything sort of guy.

My First Reaction
"HOT, baby! OMG!" You won't want to pass this book up. I swear to you...DO NOT walk, run to the bookstore when it hits the stands because Dean is one helluva sexy Alpha Male. I have always adored the possessive, domineering, protective, slightly arrogant type characters. Dean is that for sure, but he's also sweet, caring, tender, vulnerable and so easy to like. Lori Foster's characters are always easy to relate to. I always feel as if I know these people by the time I'm done. As if I could actually run into them on the street. They just seem real.

A Brief Summary
Dean feels as if he's been punched in the gut when he gets a letter from his sister, Cam. He's not spoken to or seen his sister since he was a small child. Suddenly, out of the blue she wants to see him? Pleads with him to come for a visit? Dean doesn't feel as if he owes his sisters, Cam and Jacki, a damn thing! However, he does have some time to kill, as he's between fighting matches at the moment. Besides, well, he's curious about them, too. So, he goes to Harmony, Kentucky and finds...two beautiful young women?

Dean remembers Cam and Jacki as small girls, so it's tough for him to imagine these two woman as his little sisters. Cam is the mothering, nurturing type and tends to wear her heart on her sleeve--which has Dean shying away almost from the start. He's managed to build a wall around his heart and damned if anyone's going to penetrate it. Jacki is wild and carefree and reminds him of...him. Scary thought! LOL! But before he meets them, he stops in at a local bar and runs into a gorgeous Eve Lavon. He's taken by her immediately. Sparks fly off these two from their first meeting. Just when the evening looks as if it's going Dean's way and he'll be sharing a night filled with scorching passion, plans change, leaving Dean with nothing more than a teasing taste of what could have been and a hard on that won't quit. Luckily for Dean he's not seen the last of Eve.

This story will take you through lots of family drama and have you panting and laughing and crying...I swear it's the most emotion-filled story Lori Foster has ever written. Eve and Dean are my kind of couple. They fall into a relaxed sort of relationship that manages to be not only sensual but somehow familiar as well. Then there's Jacki and Gregor. These two nearly stole the show! I loved the way Gregor treats Jacki, making one mistake after another before finally getting it right. He's so...human and I think I enjoyed him almost as much as Dean.

Final Thoughts
It was tough for me to finish this story, because I found myself somehow bonding to these characters. I loved Dean's protective brotherly ways towards Cam and Jacki--even though he didn't want to admit to feeling brotherly. Also, I loved all the little mistakes the three siblings made until they finally learned that, as a family all that matters is love and trust. Everything else will come. Not since the Buckhorns have I wanted to visit and revisit a family like I did with the Connors. I give Lori Foster very high marks for creating a story that I know I'll want to re'read!


  1. I finished it too!!! It was great. Totally loved it. I might have to fight ya for Dean, LOL.

  2. Oh wow, that sounds really good...dangit, adding it to my list! haha.

  3. So jealous! I can't wait to read it and yu just made it worse!
    Thanks :)