Friday, December 29, 2006

Parties, Covers, Contracts, oh my!

Does anyone ever truly get tired of seeing a wet hunk? I know I don't.

Anyway, it's been awhile since I've been on here. Lots going on with Christmas and now New Years coming...not a lot of online time! However, in case anyone is interested in my ramblings. I did sign the contract with Forbidden Publications for my story Instructing Sarah. So, that's good news for 2007!
Also I have a cover for Haley's Cabin that I love.

what'cha think of it? Not bad for a first cover, huh. Thanks to Scott Carpenter for doing such excellent work. Go check out Samhain Publishing, Ltd. when February 27 2007 gets here and buy my book.

Also, there's a Hunk Poll going on right now on my message board, All About Books . If you want to vote for December's Sexiest Man, just register and you can!

Finally....Let’s celebrate the New Year, with new books!! The hostesses of Romance Bistro are throwing a week long “Ring in the New Year” party January, 8 thru the 12.

There will be contests, excerpts, blurbs, Q&A, and prizes galore!! All authors are welcome to participate we just ask that you give out at least one prize per day that you participate. Readers please join in on the fun and spread the word. The more the merrier. Our handsome waiter Joe will be on hand all week long giving out refreshments, snacks, and relaxation massages!! You don’t want to miss this party! The days will be separated as followed:

Monday: Sweet
Tuesday: Erotic--(I'll be posting)
Wednesday: Contemporary
Thursday: Paranormal
Friday: Historical

Please go to Romance Bistro to join. You don't want to miss out on the fun!

Authors: If you’d like to participate please send an email to by Wednesday January, 3 to sign up. Let’s throw a “Ring in the new year” party that will have everyone talking until next year!


  1. Lots of good news, Anne.

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  4. Can't wait for your book to come out...I am very interested to see how talented you are lady! :) Make sure you send out a note to let us all know that it is coming out! Hope all is well...long time no blog.

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