Monday, February 26, 2007

Interview--Party--New Cover

I got interviewed by Jazz! Check it out!
She managed to pull some pretty candid answers out of me too! It was great fun.
Also, I've recieved a contract for my story Sun City.
AND I did my own cover!
what do you think?
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Roslyn Garrison is a spoiled heiress with too much time and money on her hands. Her biggest problem in life is choosing which country to visit next. Everything changes when she's invited to a party at the Palace Resort hotel in Sun City, Africa. The next morning, Roslyn wakes to find the mysterious Bane Riley holding her captive. Afraid for her life, she sets out to do whatever it takes to get free. However, she doesn't count on Bane's ability to set her blood on fire. He promises carnal delights if she'll only give into her desires.
Can Roslyn let herself go and submit to the forbidden under the hot African sun or will her stubbornness force Bane to teach her a lesson?

**Read an excerpt on my website

There's gonna be a party at
Come celebrate the release of my first book,
February 28th
All day and All Night!


  1. I am loving the cover - hott!!!

  2. Ooh, another one to look forward too...I'm giddy! ;)