Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My Mother's Day Book Haul!

I have to say, my mom and I did good! We found lots of goodies last Friday when we went shopping together. Several new authors for me. Check out this wonderful list of books I/mom bought:

This anthology features a couple of my favorite authors. Sylvia Day and Lisa Renee Jones, plus several others I've never tried.

These two Lara Adrian books means I have the entire series. Now I can start reading them. I've been waiting until I had all four current releases.

This Erin McCarthy is the first in her 7 Deadly Sins Series. I also have "Fallen". Again, I like to start a series at the beginning.

I confess, I haven't read any of the 'Nauti' books, but this one looked so damn good! I can't wait to read it!

These two are from an author I've never read, Jean Johnson. This isn't the beginning, I'm missing a book. Once I find it, I'll be able to start them. They're called: Sons of Destiny...intriquing huh?

Okay, help me out here guys! I've never read Anne Stuart, but the blurb sounded good. Is she any good? Is this a series? Do I need to search out the others?


  1. I'd start with Adrian or Mccarthy. Loved all those. I've read a nauti book or two cant remember which one.

  2. Anne...Overall an excellent haul:) A woman after my own heart...there's no such thing as buying one new book. I generally read (am one of the obsessed ones) accordingly to my mood. My taste is eclectic and pretty much covers all of the romance genre. Taste is so subjective so obviously I can only comment from one reader's POV. Whether it's relative or not depends on our common taste. My list of favorite authors is huge but in order to give you a clue I'll only list a few in alphabetical order:

    Alexander, Lacey
    Black, Nikita aka Nina Bruhns
    Brockmann, Suzanne
    Burton, Jaci
    Clare, Pamela
    Day, Sylvia
    Douglas, Kate
    Feehan, Christine
    Flynn, Vince (political thrillers)
    Foster, Lori (her contemporaries)
    Frank, Jacqueline
    Gerard, Cindy
    Hill, Sandra
    Holly, Emma
    Kenyon, Sherrilyn
    Kleypas, Lisa
    Knight, Angela
    Laurenston, Shelly
    Lee, Jade
    Leigh, Lora
    McCarty, Sarah
    McCray, Cheyenne
    McKenna, Shannon
    Patterson, James (most attached to Cross series and Women's Murder Club)
    Pemberton, Claudia
    Marie Rice, Lisa Marie
    Schone, Robin
    St. Claire, Roxannne
    Stuart, Anne
    Ward, J. R.

    I really do have quite a few more on my list but this will give you an idea. I still try out new to me authors on a regular basis. Some of them I win in contest and then my TBR gets that much higher:) I carry around about a 20 page shopping list with me and must restrict my trips to Amazon and the B&N that's three minutes away:)

    Anthologies are not my thing even though I do buy one on occasion...if I'm following one of my favorite author series. I prefer more in depth stories. My one big exception is the Secret Volumes...I have most all of them:) So here's my take re your new purchases:

    Anthology: I've read Alluring Tales and even though I love a lot of the authors, there were simply too many (7) and the stories too short for my satisfaction.

    Lara Adrian...I've only read one of her books, Midnight Awakening, and it wasn't to my taste.

    Erin McCarthy...I haven't read anything current by her. Am interested in what you think of My Immortal.

    Lora Leigh...I'm a big fan (own about 45 of her books) and have my favorite series. I've read two of the Nauti series...Nauti Boy and Nauti Nights. Out of the two I liked Nauti Boy best.

    Jean Johnson...new to me author. I'd be interested in your comments after you've read.

    Anne Stuart...One of my very favorite authors. I have most of what she's written but a lot of her books are OOP so I look for them whenever I'm shopping USB's or thrift stores. I buy all her new ones as they're published. I find her writing style unique with an edge that I like.

    This may be way more information than you wanted but I prefer in depth comments as well as in depth books;) Happy reading to us both....Nancy