Friday, November 07, 2008

Scandalous Behavior--adult excerpt

This is from my story coming out in December--Secrets Volume 25: Wicked Delights. You'll find it at Amazon, also you'll be able to walk into a Barnes and Noble and find Anne Rainey on the shelves. Cool, huh? I'm excited!

So, here's a taste of what I write (in case you don't know). Some of my stories are even more erotic, some less, just depends on the story. Hope you like it! Happy Friday!
Tess Marley is tired of her dull life. She wants to take a walk on the wild side. Who better to teach her about wicked pleasures than her intriguing boss, Kevin Haines? Five years of secretly lusting after him is enough. She wants to see if Kevin is all she’s dreamed he would be. But Tess knows she’s made an awful mistake when she crosses the line between lust and love.
Excerpt (warning adult content):
Tess Marley was everything he ever imagined her to be and more. She had smooth, ivory skin, soft, supple curves, and her dense patch of pubic hair made it obvious that she must have never shaved her bikini line a day in her life. He liked that. It was so unlike the other women he’d been with, who seemed to feel less was more. But Kevin liked Tess’s natural beauty. All that hair just dared him to find the jeweled treasure underneath.

The easy contour of her hips tapered upward to a trim waist, only to bloom outward again to full, heavy, womanly breasts. It was like ripping open an ugly brown paper bag and finding a flawless diamond inside. He would make it his life’s mission to see to it that she never wore another brown, tan, or cream-colored article of clothing again. He was so adamant about it that he voiced his feelings aloud.

“If you haven’t burned every last piece of your old wardrobe yet, then I damned sure will,” he insisted. Then he reached out and touched a fingertip to her shoulder. He slid it over and down her breast, barely touching her ribcage, until he was at her hip. He clutched her there and urged her to walk forward while he walked backwards.

“I’ve changed my mind, first the desk,” he commanded. He watched Tess follow him as if an invisible thread pulled her along.

When they reached the massive expanse of his desk, Kevin moved her to the left side, facing it and away from him, opposite the flat screen monitor. With no more thought than it took to swat at a fly, Kevin shoved everything but the monitor out of his way. Papers, pens and backup disks crashed to the floor. Tess looked at him over her shoulder as if surprised and he only winked.

“Bend forward.” Then he gave her a little push in the center of her back, forcing her to obey.

She bent until she was flat against the cherry wood. She gasped. The cold was a shock to her hot skin no doubt.

“Does the cold make your nipples pucker, Tess?”

She muttered, “yes.”

“Want me to warm you, baby?” She nodded, clearly too far gone to speak. “Spread your legs for me, honey.”

She did, but it wasn’t enough. Kevin prodded her legs wider with his knee. She wiggled around as he wedged himself between her spread thighs, covering her with his body.

“Do you trust me?”

Another nod, and Kevin kissed her neck in approval.

“Stretch your arms out then, and grab hold of the desk on the other side.”

Tess complied.

“Are you okay?”

All she managed was a murmured yes. And seeing her body sprawled out as if she were a banquet nearly had Kevin climaxing like a teenager. He was glad she wasn’t short. As it was, her body was stretched seductively taut. Still, he wanted her to enjoy herself, not feel like she was being pulled like a rubber band. “You aren’t too uncomfortable?”
“No.” It wasn’t so much what she said but the pleading way she said it. Tess was on fire. It fueled his own lust all the more.

Smoothing her mahogany brown hair to one side, he kissed his way down her spine, inhaling the unique scent that seemed to belong to her alone. He stopped and looked at her from behind. Her breasts were flattened against his desk, her legs spread so far apart that her feet barely touched the ground. He wanted to thank the man—and it was damned sure a man—who had invented high heels.

Her barely visible cleft was wet and slick with her juices. Kevin felt a surge of possessiveness arise at the sight of her. “You’re so fucking beautiful like this.”

Then his mouth was on her again, kissing and nipping at her rounded, upraised buttocks.

Kevin’s hands roamed over her body,constantly stroking and touching, warming and urging her on at the same time. Then he touched her between her bottom cheeks. He wet his index finger with her juices and rubbed her tight pucker. She wriggled and squirmed for him, as if wanting more, but unsure how to go about getting it. Kevin spread her open and eased a different finger between her glistening feminine folds, delving in just once, teasing a moan from her, all the while delicately probing her anus. “Taste your pussy for me, baby.” He touched her mouth with his wet finger. Her tongue darted out and licked his finger greedily, before sucking it into her mouth completely. This time he was the one moaning.

“Damn,” was all he managed before he was on his knees behind her. He parted her, finding her hard clit and licked hungrily.

Tess arched up off the desk at the first contact of his tongue. He moaned his appreciation and licked again and again, before he sucked her tiny nub into his mouth. Tasting and eating at her, taking his time to find the right rhythm and pressure that would give her the most satisfaction. He delved between her folds to find what he sought and slid two fingers in. Tess came undone. She screamed and bucked, moaning his name and undulating against his face and hand as her orgasm went on and on. But Kevin didn’t stop his pleasurable assault until he had wrung every last gasp and moan from her.

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