Saturday, October 30, 2010

Coolest Halloween Costumes!

I don't usally blog on the weekend, but I ran across these costumes and just had to share!

Cool Costume #1
How fun would it be to walk around with him if you were a kid? 

Cool Costume #2 
Very clever! I've never been this clever, I admit. LOL

Cool Costume #3 
As a kid THIS would be the way to do Halloween, lol.

Cool Costume #4 
Okay, I'm a sucker for babies and that little grin is just too cute!

And my personal favorite... 
LOL! How adorable!! What a little cutie!

And here are my girls when they were little. What's not to love about Clifford hugging a cat? =)

Do you have any fun Halloween memories? Costumes? Tell me!

A Little Bit Naughty--out now!


  1. This is sad but I really don't remember any of the costumes I had when I was little. The only one that I do remember is the clown costume. I got it home from the store and tried it on. Once I put the mask on and looked in the mirror, I freaked myself out and started screaming bloody murder. Scared the mess out of me. We put the costume back in the box and returned it to the store and swapped it for a different costume. I haven't liked clowns ever since... ; -)

  2. Clowns freak me out!

    Hmm, I remember being a gypsy a few times, maybe a princess too. Usually we made our costumes out of things we had at home. I liked the gypsy because I got to wear my mom's red lipstick and I thought it was pretty. LOL

  3. One year I went as a pirate and another year as Robin Hood. Other than that neither my mom nor I can remember what I wore on Halloween- I did dress up every year least till I hit 13 when I gave it up

  4. A pirate would be SO much fun!

    I remember one job I had where all the employees dressed up. This one lady came as a bag lady. She looked so genuine I didn't recognize her! She put a lot of work into that costume!

  5. Those were great. My favorite was painting my pregnant beely orange and maaking it look like a Jack O Lantern.

  6. Zina--I bet that was cute! I was always pregnant during the hot summer months.