Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hump Day Hunks!

Enjoy today's cuties! *g*

And in case you all missed the announcement. My December release, What She Craves, is already up for pre-order on Amazon Kindle. Sweet, huh?

So, because I'm so excited about that, I've decided today's hunk quote should be from What She Craves. Of course, this is a menage, so the quote is not from one delicous hunk, but two!

“Christ, yeah, sugar. That’s so damn good.” Devon grabbed the back of her hair and pushed her face toward Con. “Kiss our girl, Con.”

“Mmm, my pleasure.” Con leaned up and kissed her. Hard. He thurst his tongue into her mouth, licking and teasing. He released her and growled, “You taste so sweet, baby.” His large palms cupped her tits and pulled them up. “All over.”


  1. Very Yummy Hunks today!

  2. Glad you liked those, Maria! :)

  3. Anonymous4:55 PM

    Looking good Anne, loved the scenery you provided for our viewing pleasure.

  4. Sweet, love the lei, and the qoates well they're the icing.

  5. Anon--glad I could be of service with those cuties! :-D

  6. Zina--Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed the quotes. :)