Friday, October 08, 2010

My Daughter's Homecoming!

TGIF!! Today, I figured I'd post a few pictures from my oldest daughter's homecoming dance. First let me explain the outfits. The theme for the dance was the Roaring Twenties. How fun, right? That IS a fake cig by the way. LOL My youngest daughter didn't attend the dance because she pretty much hates the idea of wearing a dress. I told her she could start a trend, wear jeans! She rolled her eyes. I get that look a lot from both my kids. lol

So, here's Kati, with her boyfriend Jon:
 The accessories you see, the boa, cigarette holder, feather headband, black top hat, fake cigs, all came from Halloween USA. I tried to order the items online, but they came 3 days too late. So, at the last minute we had to scramble around to find accessories. We got so luckly. Halloween USA had an entire wall of Roaring Twenties accessories. The only thing we forgot to buy was the long black gloves.
 Together they made quite a splash at homecoming. And yes, that really is katilyn's pink bangs. She dyes them herself. Her sister has blue. LOL
So, did you go to homecoming dances? Do you have fond memories to share?

I went--under duress. I was like my youngest, I didn't really get into all the dressing up. However, I don't remember there being themes either. It was just find a dress and heels and go dancing. Maybe if they'd had themes I would've had a bit more fun. Maybe not. *shrugs* As it was I tended to sit at the table, sipping punch, watching the clock. I was painfully shy and still am!

Anyway, TGIF, everyone!


  1. TGIF to you too Anne! Oh to be young again!! They are such a cute couple and look like they are having SO much fun!

    Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend!

  2. Oh man, I know! I look at my daughter--who's now driving--and think, 'how did I manage to get this old?' LOL

  3. Ahh, they are too cute together....

  4. Thanks, Abigail-Madison! Katilyn and Jon have a lot of fun together. She's had some real pushy/jerk boyfriends in the past, but Jon is so easygoing. Plus he makes her laugh and I just love that about him! :)

  5. Drea Becraft1:50 PM

    Your daughter is beautiful! I am loving the pink hair! I could never pull that off lol.

    I didn't care for dances much either as a teenager. I did got to 6 proms. Yeah I went to a vocational school so both me and hubby went to homeschools prom and theirs.

  6. Hi Drea! I couldn't pull off pink either. LOL My daughter's school has two homecomings and a prom every year. That's a lot of dresses and shoes. LOL

  7. What cutie pies! Anne, I don't recall that our school did homecoming--if they did, I didn't go ;) Wasn't terribly socially active then... or come to think of it, now :)

  8. Fedora--I was the same way. One reason I love the internet. I can be social without being, er, social. lol