Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New Contracts!

Today, I have some really great news to share. First, I've signed a new contract with Samhain Publishing. The third story in my Cape May series, What She Needs, is to be released in 2011. Here's a blurb:

Part 2 of Tory, Devon and Con’s love triangle

Devon Mason and Con Walker are sexy, honorable, loving, and completely devoted to her. All the things a woman looks for in a relationship. But what’s Tory supposed to buy not one but two lovers on V Day? Chocolate? How average is that? Their little love triangle is anything but average! When Con surprises her with a weekend in Cancun, just the three of them, Tory is all over it—until she realizes Con forgot to include Devon in the gift giving. Now their little love triangle is suffering, thanks to a couple of hard-headed men who both want to be number one.

Con had been content to let Devon take control at Christmas, but now it’s his turn to woo Tory. A weekend in Cancun seems the perfect place for a romantic getaway. Sun, sand, margaritas, and lots of hot, sweet loving with the woman who held the key to both their hearts and souls. When Devon steps up and lets him know he plans to surprise Tory with a trip to Aruba, Con’s possessive instincts kick in. He’d always been happy to share Tory with the guy he cares for like a brother. But the deeper Con falls in love, the harder it is to keep from ripping Tory away from Devon.

Sooner or later something—or someone—is going to give.

Stay tuned to my website because I'll be posting chapter one there soon!

Now for the second part of my great news. My agent has recently secured a two book deal with Kensington, Aphrodisia imprint. Yay! I don't have any solid info. on the two books yet, just that they will be contemporary erotic romance.

I'm baking some cookies now and plan to eat about half a dozen to celebrate! *grin*