Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thursday Thirteen--Anne

So, for today's Thursday Thirteen I've decided to tell you all 13 things about ME. Hope it's not too boring, lol.

1. I have naturally dark hair, but when I was younger I went all blonde. My family was shocked. And out came the dumb blonde jokes. lol
2.  I always remove at least half the meat when I get a deli sandwhich, otherwise it's just gross.

3.  For some reason I tend to leave at least one bite of food on my plate. Not sure why, but there it is.

4.  My husband tells me that I always have to be right in an argument. I disagree, clearly. lol

5.  I always have to try and guess who the killer is when I watch a suspense movie, drives my daughters crazy.

6.  I can't start a manuscript until I have a title. Title first!

7.  Most days I eat my breakfast/lunch at around 8am. I'm a morning eater.

8.  I hate movies with bad endings. It's annoying!

9.  I need background noise when I write. The T.V. usually.

10.  I once worked at a hotel. I was the person who stocked all the little refrigerators in the hotel rooms.

11.  When I write I tend to be a plotter and a pantser both.

12.  I write poetry and I've also done some sketching, nature scenes mostly.

and finally...
13.  My biggest pet peeve is people who are two-faced. It gets under my skin!

A Little Bit Naughty--out now!


  1. Anonymous12:50 PM

    I always like finding out interesting tidbits about authors and their lives. Thanks for sharing. I just finished reading Tasting Candy this morning, I liked it, a lot, lol. Very spicy. Linda J

  2. Hi Linda! I'm so glad you liked "Tasting Candy". Blade is still my favorite hero. ;-)

  3. LOL!!! Wow, you were the mini-bar re-stocker?? How funny ;) And yep, I'm with you on the two-faced--hypocrisy is a peeve for sure!

    Linda, you have to read the whole Vaughn series! Soooooo good! :)

  4. Fedora--That job was horrible! I had to haul this cart up and down the halls, 11 floors. It was filled with several 24 packs of pop and tons of snacks. Dang, that thing was heavy. LOL!

  5. You were blonde once? Did changing back to black end the blonde jokes? >:)

    I never leave a bit of food on my plate. Never. Not sure why, but there it is.

    I eat my breakfast/lunch from 8 until noon. Usually. Sometimes later. :)


  6. Jake, I don't either--I grew up with my parents reminding me to clean my plate ("Remember there are kids starving in Africa!") and I clearly took those lessons to heart ;)

    And Anne, wow, you must have been buff! :)

  7. Jake--My glares ended the blonde jokes! lol

  8. Fedora--I had great leg muscles...back then. lol

  9. oh, and I write poetry, too. Or did, anyway. Here's a fav:


    Time and again, in airports everywhere,
    I see you.
    Your beauty surprises me.


  10. or maybe it should go like this:

    Time and again, in airports everywhere, I see you.
    Each and every time, your beauty surprises me.

    Maybe you've noticed this in your own work - poetry is never really finished. It is always a WIP.


  11. I love that poem! :)

    And that's so true about poetry. If I go in my folder now I can pick one at random, open it, and tweak the heck out of it. LOL

  12. Thanks for sharing your Thursday Thirteen, I found it funny and interesting. It's weird how writers have their funny things that fill their day, and I found most was in common with myself. lol...

  13. When I wrote the post I was on the phone with my husband. Of course he was happy to tell me about all my strange quirks. LOL

  14. This is me "I need background noise when I write. The T.V. usually" but it's doing most anything, even programming. I must have the noise.

  15. It's good to learn some tidbits about you, thanks for sharing!

    I also like some noise (preferably a music playlist) when writing, but *need* background noise when sleeping. White noise only! Brookstone used to make an awesome noisemaker that can play quality rain, or wind, or a babbling brook... I love it so much. They don't make this particular unit anymore so I hope it doesn't break.

    See you around, Anne.

  16. Christina, get an iPhone or iPad and install the Whitenoise app. Lots of choices for the noise, and you know you will never lose it. AND - it will run all night without even being plugged in!

  17. Connie--I thought it was just me that was like that. My husband can't understand why I have the T.V. on during the day if I'm writing. It boggles his mind. LOL

  18. Christina--My mom used to have one of those things in her book room. I always thought it would be so relaxing to listen to that while you read. I need to get one! :)

  19. Jake--There you go again, making me jealous of that iPhone. Man, I want one of those!

  20. "Jake--There you go again, making me jealous of that iPhone. Man, I want one of those!"

    So do I, even more now. :) Thanks for the tip, Jake.