Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thursday Thirteen--gadgets!

What would we do without our gadgets, right? That's the focus of my Thursday Thirteen.

First up, Amazon Kindle. I don't have one of these beauties, but I will soon. I'm about done drooling over them, dang it!

The handy dandy GPS. We went to Maine for vacation this year and what do you think was the single most useful item during the trip? My GPS. My car has a built in GPS. That thing is amazing. Didn't even need to take a map with us!

My daughter would be LOST without her XBox 360. She loves war games, Call of Duty, Soldier of Fortune, etc.

The Bissell Perfect Sweep Turbo Sweeper. Long name, but worth every penny. I bought this off Amazon. I was skeptical, but I wanted something that I didn't need to plug in. Something that I could use btwn vaccuming. We have a puppy and she's forever tearing things to shreds. This little baby works great for that. It's not terrific at picking up very tiny particles, but otherwise I love it!

An electric wine bottle opener. Seems like a silly thing to have, right? Well, I got one for Christmas from my brother and his wife. First time I used it I was in love. I hate trying to use a corkscrew. I'm just no good at getting the cork out without somehow cutting myself.

Sirius XM. I LOVE LOVE this thing! My car came with this and it's the best darn thing. Especially on long trips. Love the lack of commercials!

Ah, the handy Portable DVD Player. We don't have one of these, but my sister-in-law does and she loves hers. It keeps her boys from fighting. Well, for short bursts anyway. LOL

The Blackberry Playbook. I blogged about this already, I know, but the more I see it the more I want it.

The 56 inch flat screen T.V. Yes, I do have one. Yes, I love it. It's my most prized posession, other than my family and my books. hehe!

iPod Nano. Both my girls have iPods. They'd pretty much shrivel up and die without them, too. LOL

My personal favorite. The Dell Laptop in shiny red. I have one like it and oh boy, what did I ever do without it? I never realized how chained to that desktop I was before. I'll never go back to a desktop now!

The gorgeous iPad. My friend, Regina Carlysle, just won this sucker and boy is she going to have fun with it. I had the chance to play around with one for about a week and it's so freaking addicting!

Last, but not least, the iPhone. Again, I want one. Again, it's not going to happen anytime soon. LOL It's funny when I think back to my childhood when there were only landlines with cords. Once upon a time, phones were for, well, talking. Now we use it to update our Twitter/Facebook status, send text messages, check email, shop, and even read ebooks. Isn't about time we come up with a new name? Phone just seems so yesterday. lol

So, what gadgets do you own and would kill to keep?


  1. Only the iPhone - it does much of what all the other gadgets do! Not as well as the dedicated ones, but not bad, not bad at all. :)


  2. Dang it! I want one of those so bad. LOL As it is right now I don't even have a cell phone. Mine broke.

  3. Well, the iPhone doesn't sweep, that's for sure. :)


  4. I love gadget and my life is much more happier with 2 portable DVD players!

    I have wondered about the sweeper. Glad to know it works. I have to order one from Amazon.

    I love the TV! I hope they are on sale at Christmas.

    Love the lap top too

  5. Waving, Hi Anne! So thrilled you have your blog back up! Do you plan to put a place for the option to sign up for email when you have new post up? I always forget to where to go so the emails work for me!

    Oh definitely my Kindle is on the top of my list and my laptop! I can't hear, so I don't have others like phone or Ipods. I'd so love to get an IPad some day! Oh too my portable hard-drive where I keep my ebooks in! I hook it up each time I have the laptop on!

    Oh and satellite TV, LOL. I need to get a DVR, mine broke, LOL

  6. Anonymous2:06 PM

    Every since I saw the Blackberry on your blog I have been checking them out and I want one so bad too. I keep checking to see if the date has changed on it so I can get one for Christmas.

  7. Abigail-Madison--Have you seen that new Bissell sweeper that also steam cleans? That looks great for kitchen floors!

  8. Caffey--I just added the email subscription gadget. It's at the top on the right sidebar. Thanks for mentioning that! :)