Thursday, November 04, 2010

Cell Phones with Remote Start

So, today is usually my Thursday Thirteen, but I'd like to talk about cell phones instead.

Once upon a time, phones were used for talking. For instance, you could call your cousin who lives three states away and have a nice with her/him. Phones were used for emergencies. If your child fell and broke her/his leg you could call 911 and have an ambulance there in a jiffy. Then along came car phones. Remember the first ones? The big bulky black box and cord? Companies tweaked and tweaked until now we have a small device that fits in our palm. We can still call our cousins and dial 911, but that's minor compared to what else cell phones are used for.

For instance, you can download ebooks. Have a boring doctor's visit? Bring your phone and read the latest hot romance story instead of those boring outdated magazines doctor's offices always carry. You can connect to the internet and chat with your Facebook/Twitter buddies. You can search google and do some online shopping. Not sure where you are? Just bring up your navigations system on your phone and get directions in the blink of an eye. Is it cold outside and you don't want to trek out there to start your ice-covered car? Just press a button on your handy dandy cell phone and voila! The car starts all by itself!

As I was watching an ad for the latest and greatest Droid, I had to ask myself, 'what did we ever do without cell phones?'

So, I'm curious. What sort of phone do you have? My husband just got a Droid and he loves it. Hell, I love it! I want one! My phone is old and outdated and I'm ready for a new one. But I'm not sure which one to get. Any recommendations?

In other news--

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Doing Logan by Rhian Cahill is out:

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  1. I have an iPhone. I like it for 4 things - the phone (with all my contacts), the digital reader thing, maps and the internet. As far as I know, it won't start my car. Not that I'd use it - I'm no hypermiler, but I like to use as little gas as possible. I put my seatbelt on first, THEN I turn on the car and immediately drive away! LOL!