Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Introducing The Review Depot!

I'm loving this new service so much I figured I'd pass it on!
*permission to foward granted*

Authors and Publishers, wouldn't it be nice to submit a review request in one location and have it go to multiple review companies?

Readers, wouldn't it be nice to see multiple ratings on a book by reputable review companies?

Review Companies, wouldn't it be nice to have a system to manage your reviewers, books, and review requests?

Now wouldn't it be nice if all of this was free?

Introducing the Review Depot

The Review Depot is a unique free service, which allows authors and publishers to submit their review requests in one location and have those requests routed to one or multiple review companies. As each review company completes its review, their star rating and review excerpt will show on the Manic Readers website.

The current list of Review Depot members include:Blackraven's Reviews, Book Lovers Inc., Dark Diva Reviews, Fallen Angel Reviews, The Readers Roundtable, TwoLips Reviews.

Authors and publishers can access the Review Depot by logging into Manic Readers and clicking on the "Manage My Books" link under their "My Links" menu. The Review Depot gives authors and publishers an easy-to-user interface to request book reviews, while also providing a realtime interface to track the status of each review request.

Readers will now see books that have been reviewed by Manic Readers, books that have been reviewed by our partner review companies, or books that have been reviewed by both.

Here is what some of the early users of the Review Depot had to say:

"The Review Depot has allowed us to get back to doing what we do books. The new system allows us to enter books so much faster than our old database. In addition, it's organized, easy for our reviewers to checkout books, and to be honest a time saver, which is the reason my management team loves it so much. The Review Depot also provides us with more access to authors and publishers, which is an added bonus."
- AJ, Blackraven's Reviews

"The Review Depot gives you the opportunity to read great books and also helps you to manage them. No need to worry about who has which book and when it's due. The review Depot not only informs you of new available titles it also keeps track of your review copy TBR for you. A great way to organize your requests. A helping hand we happily accepted."
- Susi, Book Lovers Inc.

"I enjoyed not having to re-type the request over and over again."
- Christopher, Triscelle Publishing

Have more questions about the Review Depot? Visit the Review Depot FAQ page to get the answers.

A Little Bit Naughty--out now!


  1. Sounds like a really cool place to visit. :D

  2. Visit and use, considering it's free. :)

  3. sounds like agreat service, thanks Anne.