Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Birthday

So, yesterday was my 43rd birthday (oy!). My husband surprised me by taking the day off work. He’s such a sneak! We headed into town and had a nice breakfast at Bob Evan's Restaurant, and then spent a pretty wonderful day alone together. However, before all that my husband and daughters woke me and told me happy birthday, then handed me my present.

First, chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate. A huge Belgium chocolate bar, a pretty red and gold box that has little fudge-filled chocolate truffles inside, a ½ lb. chocolate bar with pistachios, and an entire bag of assorted chocolates that had three different flavors: dark chocolate with espresso, milk chocolate with mocha, and a creamy latte flavored chocolate. Last but not, least a yummy Symphony bar. Yeah, my family knows what I like. LOL

Then I got to the last box. It was brown and rather plain. I couldn't imagine what they'd bought me. I opened it only to find a printed out picture that looked a lot like the brand new Nookcolor. Wait, what?! I had to look at my husband for confirmation. He nodded and I'm pretty sure my jaw hit the floor. It’s to be delivered next Friday, as it’s not even out yet! I CANNOT wait! *grin* 

Then around noonish, I got a delivery. Flowers. My sweet sweet Aunt Lorie sent me a gorgeous arrangement that came all the way from Hawaii! I teared up when I saw them. Below is a picture, but it's not very good. We had to take it with my daughter's cell phone because our digital isn't working. Anyway, aren't they pretty?! 

Later in the afternoon my oldest brother called. Oh, he got me but good this year. He left me a message on my machine that said (and I quote): ‘Sissy, put the razor down! Step away from the razor! You aren’t that old!’ The brat! LOL! I told him I’m buying him a walker for his birthday next year (he’s 3 years older than me). :P

My niece called and sang me happy birthday, which was super sweet of her. And both my girls texted me from school to ask if I’d been having a good day. I texted back, “I ate a huge sausage gravy and biscuits breakfast, had Starbucks afterward, then came home and took a nap with Nutmeg (our dog). Best day ever!”

I ended up with over 300 birthday wishes on Facebook and also got phone calls from family and friends. On Friday, my mom is taking me shopping and to lunch. I'll tell ya, I feel very blessed!

Thank you ALL for making my birthday so very special! :)

A Little Bit Naughty--out now!


  1. Sounds like you had and awesome birthday!

  2. Thanks, Abigail-Madison! Yeah, it was really fantastic! My husband and kids are so thoughtful. And the flowers my aunt sent, just beatiful. I smile everytime I look at them! :)

  3. Amanda2:11 PM

    Awww he's such a sweetie Anne! What an amazing birthday. But you're the best so you deserve it.


    Amanda Haffery

  4. Thanks, Amanda! And it's so nice to hear from you. Hope you're doing good! :)

  5. Sounds Fantastic! Really nice that you got to spend the day with your husband and got a Nook Color too...

  6. Valerie3:11 PM

    Happy belated Birthday! Sounds like an awesome day :)

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  8. Maria--Thanks! Yeah, I love days when it's just my husband and I. They happen so rarely, which I guess makes them even more special. :)

  9. Anonymous4:53 PM

    Since I wished you a Happy Birthday here yesterday, I will just say I enjoyed reading about how you spent the day. Glad is was such a special day for you. Congrats on the Nook-color. Linda J

  10. Thanks, Linda! I'm dying to get it. I've already been browsing B & N. LOL

  11. It sounds like it was wonderful and a late but sill sincerely meant Happy Birthday.