Monday, November 29, 2010

A Poetry Day

For today I thought I'd share a few poems with you all. I've written thousands of them. These are just a few. They aren't perfect. They aren't published. They're just glimpses inside my heart and soul. I hope you enjoy them!


A smile of secrecy
with a curving of lips.
At peculiar little moments
I'm taken there again. I giggle.

Giving away details--
my body tells the tale.
Still, I stare into the mirror,
Seeing only the fair. I giggle.

Pain II

Pain crashes and zings through my veins,
crawling along my flesh
only to skitter up my legs, in evil glee.

My fingers, swollen and numb,
and yet zap and tap and here I go anyway,
keeping the feeling alive.

My skin continues to flame,
burying my brain in hurt, and so fresh
are these tears of my nervous twitches.

Still, on I'll tread,
in fiery painful gasps
walking and thinking, typing and writing.

Breathing are the skitters under my skin,
keeping the burn in my brain
so agonizingly fresh and new!

The Delicious Rambling Thoughts of a Woman

These thoughts mixing inside my head
I know they aren't to be and still...
I can't help but feel the feeling;
be the dream inside your soul
and stir those parts of you.

I want and wish and I'll kiss
the dew from you, and I'll dip
my lips, and then smile prettiest
without a care, but to share your very air!

Breathing you in and sucking you deep,
and keeping you chained to my soul;
in the hopes that someday, you'll
touch my body and drink of my passionate
well of desire.

Pay witness to my submission kind sir,
and watch these clothes pool around my feet.
I'll step to you, bow for you,
and drift with you so sweet.

I ache and you're my cure-
I need you as I need sustenance.
I'll quench of you, but still
it shall never be enough,
for I'm insatiable and unappeasable
for the tongue that licks my mind
and my breasts alike!

I turn and sway, swish and play,
giving way to my joy and let you
do as you please, and on my knees
in the front of you, I'll pay homage
to the essence of your nature!

For the heat that rises off your loins
shall be my rising tide.
I need those tastes and flavors
that your body drips onto me.

And can't you see that no one else
will do for me?

A Portrait

Creamy smooth,
skin-- a milky ivory. Blooms
of thighs and breasts;
shaped by motherhood.

Brushed 'til shone,
hair-- rich in browns.
Lengthy mane made
radiant with care.

Laugh lined,
face-- softened by joy.
Flushed in naivety,
though all-knowing.

Warm delicate,
hands and body-- tender.
Strengthened by nurturing
her famiglia.

Upon the Question of Age

Ah, but the mind is ageless
in its constant and beautiful
stream of wisdom!

Conjuring up ideas and thoughts
at a single instant,
slamming them onto the paper,
so as not to let those
perfectly slanting syllables
turn into past remembrances.

As surely they shall drift off into
the minds darkened corridors.
Never to be heard from again,
as they’ll only see their
own crowded and mirrored image.

Ageless mentality,
and never you mind the idea of years.
Based upon man's frail
idea of counting
the ticks of the clock...

Tick-tock, tick-tock
and into infinity we'll flow.
Ah, but the words of the mind shall
be forever etched onto the
parchment of our squishy brain!

All I’ve Got

If I were an artist...
I could never paint the maleness of you

If I were a photographer...
I could never capture the vitality you exude

If I were a singer...
I could never imitate such whispery tune

If I were a carver...
I could never cut those angles I view

So, I shall scribble out the words, again
Telling you what my body goes through

So, I shall lay them upon your pillow, again
Telling you my affection is ever true.

and finally...

Skid Marks
(Dedicated to M.A.D.D.)

A second, a minute, a day,
Out of time,
That's all it'll take,
For this kind of crime.

No way to undo,
No way to regain,
No way to take back,
An ounce of their pain.

The thinking comes in,
Before you've sipped,
Before the fun,
And before you get ripped.

Because once your numb mind,
Rounds the bend,
You'll likely kill a mother, a son,
Or maybe a friend.

Have you ever seen,
A handsome young thing,
All bloodied, mangled,
And eyes unseeing?

His innocence stolen,
His fate's been sealed,
His ravaged body,
From the car he's peeled.

And as a mother grieves,
For her loving son,
Over a grave that says,
"He was the only one".

Think twice before,
You take that drink,
Six feet under,
Is how low you'll sink.

Skid marks on the pavement,
In time will fade,
But Skid marks on the heart,
Are eternally made.

A Little Bit Naughty--out now!

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