Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Smokin' Hot Excerpt!

Today I figured I'd heat things up with a hot excerpt from "Body Rush". In this scene, Roni is learning that sometimes giving up control is a good thing. Hell, a great thing! :)
I hope you like it!

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“You’re a slob, Dr. Smart.”

Roni took in the messy surroundings. Clothes were strewn everywhere, her dresser was a chaotic mishmash of makeup, spray bottles and...damn, was that a coffee cup? It was a ridiculous mess. Still, she was glad she’d managed to talk him into coming home with her, instead of the other way around. “It’s the way I live, deal with it.”

“I bet you say that to all the guys,” he whispered as he continued removing her clothing.

Oh, god, they were moving too fast and she knew it. He’d already shucked his clothes and now he was helping Roni out of hers. Roni couldn’t seem to put a stop to it. Something about Jake pulled at her. He didn’t treat her like she would break. He pushed and demanded and Roni loved it. She’d never let a man take such control. She’d even begun to suspect she was incapable of letting down her defenses long enough to ever have a normal relationship. She’d discovered pretty quickly that going to Kinks afforded her the luxury of being herself. There were no expectations. She could act on her desires and there were no consequences.

As she stood in her bedroom, allowing Jake to undress her as if she were a small child, Roni discovered a new kind of pleasure. When he removed her bra, leaving a pair of white silk panties covering her from his view, Roni was nearly ready to surrender and let Jake run the show.

As he slid the scrap of silk down her legs, Roni suddenly felt a bout of shyness overcome her. When he didn’t stand back up to take her to the bed, she frowned. “What are you doing?”

On his knees, his face mere inches from her pussy, he stared up at her. “I’m looking.”

Her clit throbbed as she watched him lick his lips. Jake leaned forward and kissed her drenched curls tenderly, forcing her to reach out and clutch his shoulders for support. His talented mouth lingered, licking up and down between her swollen folds. Roni whimpered and dug her fingers into the powerful muscles of his shoulders.

“Oh, god, Jake.” Roni didn’t know what to do. A storm brewed inside her and she needed to control it. To rein it in. As his arms wrapped around her hips and he cuddled her bottom, Roni tried to wriggle free. She ached to open her thighs, to give him better access. But he was too strong and he wasn’t budging.

“Let me play, baby,” he cajoled, his voice rough with passion. “I need to savor this hot little cunt for a bit.”

Who was she to deny the man? As he sank his tongue in, laving at her, Roni’s knees nearly buckled. She would’ve fallen had he not been holding her in his firm embrace. When his talented mouth found her clitoris, the tremors built inside her by slow degrees. Little ripples moved through her, gaining momentum as he sucked at her clit and licked her pussy.

Roni couldn’t take much more of the pleasurable torture. She sank her fingers into his hair and pulled hard enough to gain his attention. His gaze darkened, turned savage, as he pulled back and looked at her. Roni wouldn’t be deterred by his feral expression. “Finger fuck me, Jake,” she demanded, “Do it now.”

Without warning, Jake released her and stood. She would have fallen on her ass had he not steadied her. When she was about to order him back on his knees, he only slung her around and brought his palm down hard on the sensitive flesh of her ass.

“Ow! That hurt, damn it!”

“Next time we fuck, you can order me to do your bidding,” he gritted out. “This time you’re mine.”

“I told you before I’m a Dominatrix,” she bit out. “I like to be in control.”

He swatted her again on the other cheek. “You got your way when you insisted we come back to your place instead of mine. Now hush and let me play. You’ll get your turn.”

It wasn’t in Roni’s nature to hold her tongue. She’d never been good at it. “I’ll take my turn now.” She tried to turn but his hands gripping her hips were too strong.

“You were doing fine, baby. Why the sudden change?”

“It’s not rocket science, Jake. I want to come, it’s that simple.”

His hot breath against her ear had her pussy creaming. “Let me take you there then. Stop fighting me.”

Could she let him have control? She turned and looked at him. “I’ll get my chance later?”

He smiled. “I promise, princess.”


He looked her over and groaned. “A pretty, stubborn, blonde princess.”

She bit her lip and contemplated the merits of giving into Jake. He wanted to pleasure her in his own way. It wasn’t exactly a hardship to let the man take over. “Okay.”

Gently, he kissed her lips. “You won’t regret it.”

When he stepped backward, Roni let her gaze drift over his muscular chest, then on down to his hard cock. “I know,” she murmured.


Jake held Roni’s gaze as he slowly lowered himself to his knees in front of her. Her eyes rounded, and there was a fire he hadn’t seen in them before. “I want to taste this pretty pussy.” She started to protest, but in the end stayed silent and let him have his way. Knowing she was willing to relinquish control melted his heart. Instinctively, Jake knew Roni rarely gave a man control.

He licked his lips and stared at the glistening golden curls covering paradise. “I bet you taste like heaven. A slice of sweet honeyed heaven.”

Her cheeks bloomed pink and her eyes darkened. The soft light on the bedside table lent to the sensuality of the moment. “Would you like my tongue on your clit, Roni?”

“Yes,” she groaned.

Jake leaned in and kissed the little nub. “Say please, pretty baby.”

“Please, damn you!”

He chuckled. “Not quite what I had in mind, but it’ll do.” Jake clutched onto her thighs and tugged her forward. She moaned his name and it fueled his own raging need. With her body so close, Jake could smell her arousal. Christ, he was starved for her.

“You’re so goddamn sexy. Sexy and wet and ready.”

“Jake,” she muttered, “I’m dying here.”

As she held onto his shoulders, sharp nails digging into flesh and muscle, Jake knew he’d never forget this moment as long as he lived.

The need in her quivery voice urged him on. “Put your leg over my shoulder.”

She was unsteady but eager as she did as he instructed. The position put the apex of her thighs directly in his face. It was a major turn-on. She looked a little bit awkward and wobbly. Jake cupped her ass and squeezed, then kissed her clit. “I want your juice on my tongue. I’m going to really enjoy licking you dry, Roni.”

He spread her open with his thumbs and exposed her hot little cunt. When he leaned in and licked her slit, Jake tasted pure, feminine heat. He ached for more, to drown in her liquid desire. His tongue delved inside her opening as his hands clasped onto her bottom, bringing her closer. Jake was suddenly swept away on a sea of desire as emotions rocked his body and tore at his heart and soul. He sank deeper, his cock throbbing as Roni’s inner muscles clenched around him. Her fingers moved to his hair and she pulled him forward, forcing him to bury his head in her wet pussy.

“Your tongue, Jake,” she moaned, “I need more of your tongue, please.”

He gave in and flicked his tongue over and around her clit, relishing the needy sounds Roni made. Her thighs started to quiver and her body began to spasm out of control. Jake tongue-fucked her, sinking in and out of her dewy heat as if starved. Without warning, Roni shuddered and screamed, her juice pouring into his hungry mouth.

He lapped at her several times, eager to swallow every drop of her passion, before he pulled his mouth off her. Roni slumped over him. The feel of her soft curves, leaning on him for support filled him with masculine pride. In this single moment, Roni appeared vulnerable and trusting. It pulled at Jake to see her so open to him. He gently kissed her swollen nub one more time, then pushed her away enough so he could stand. He slipped one arm behind her back and the other behind her knee before lifting her into his arms. After he placed her on the bed, he stepped back. Her quick breathing and heavy-lidded eyes had every one of his possessive instincts kicking in. Damn, she was beautiful. He didn’t know what tomorrow would bring, but in that moment he vowed they would be sharing more than a single night together. No way in hell would he be letting her slip through his fingers now that he’d had a taste of sweet heaven.

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