Thursday, December 02, 2010

Thursday Thirteen--Nook Color

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Now, onto my Thursday Thirteen. I'm going to share the 13 most wonderful things about my new Nook Color!

1. Ease of buying. I click the 'shop' button, browse the B&N site, find what I want and click the 'buy now' button. That's it. The book is downloaded and I can start reading. No syncing anything. And it sure beats driving half an hour (at least) to the store or paying for shipping and handling, then having to wait a good 7-10 days.

2. Bookmarking. Last night I went to bed, turned on my Nook and up popped the book I'd been reading, and right where I left off too. Awesome feature!

3. Page numbers. Seems like a silly thing to some, but I love that the Nook has page numbers. I like knowing the page I'm on, not just the percentage I have left. 

4. Screen resolution. Like all things, this is totally subjective. Everyone has their own preferences. For me, I find the screen easier on the eyes than the E-Ink screens.

5. All color. Obviously one of the big selling points with this device is that it's all in color. So, you can read magazines and they're in color, children's books, color. But, I also love that when I browse online sites I can view everything in color. 

6. Internet access. It's just so much fun to pop onto my Facebook or Twitter and see what everyone is up to, leave a status update, or skip over to my gmail and read/respond to email.

7. Touch screen. My Sony had a touch screen too, so this isn't new for me. But one of the first things I noticed that's different with the two devices is that the Nook seems to flip the pages faster. It's minor, but even my daughter noticed the difference right off.

8. Battery. It came with an AC charger. My Sony didn't. You have to buy it seperate, which has always bugged me. It should come with the device! Just my 2 cents.

9. Battery life. I don't know if I'm still just starry-eyed with this thing or what, but it seems to hold a charge longer than my Sony. We'll see how that holds up over time.

10. Other stores. I love that I can easily buy from other sites, NOT just B & N. This is a biggie for me!

11. Archiving/Deleting. It's great that I can log into my account on the B & N site and go to my library there, then easily archive or delete books I've already read. You don't have to sync anything. Once you archive or delete on the site itself, your Nook is automatically updated to reflect the changes. This is handy if you're an avid reader like me and plan to purchase a million books in the next six months. LOL

12. Videos and music. I'm not big on YouTube, but my daughter was having fun the other day playing music on Pandora and watching YouTube videos.

13. Books. Of course the best part about any ereader is having all my books in one handy place. No storing them in boxes in the basement, no piles next to the couch and bed. Going on vacation is going to be so much fun!  

A few pitfalls:

Bluetooth. It'd be nice if it had bluetooth so you could connect to the internet even if you're in the car.

Hulu. I can't watch shows because Hulu requires Adobe Flash Player. Unless someone knows a way around that? Or something I can dowload to my Nook to make that happen...?

Online catalogue. B & N doesn't have as many books as Amazon Kindle. So, that's a bummer. However, you can go to places like All Romance Ebooks and Fictionwise, etc. to find them. So, it's not really an issue.

Price. It is a bit expensive. However, I wouldn't be terribly surprised if Amazon came out with their own version. At that point I suspect the prices will drop and become much more affordable.

So, that's my take on the new Nook far. I haven't even had the thing a month! Give me time and I'll share more thoughts on this handy device.

A Little Bit Naughty--out now!

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