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Saturday Snippet & Contest!

Okay, I promised I'd give away books so here's the deal. I have PRINT copies of Some Like It Rough, So Sensitive, Body Rush, Seduce Me, Dare Me and Tahoe Nights. I seriously need to give a few away. All you have to do is comment on this post and you're entered to win. I'll pick 4 winners for this one.

First winner gets: Some Like It Rough & So Sensitive.
Second winner gets: Seduce Me & Dare Me.
Third winner gets: Tahoe Nights & winner's choice of one of the other five print titles.
Forth winner gets: So Sensitive & Body Rush.

Now onto the excerpt! This week's theme is weather. I chose an excerpt from Taking Chloe. There's nothing like the fresh Hawaiian breeze and making love outdoors to start your day off right. Or so that's what the naughty Merrick Vaughn thinks. ;-)

Adult Excerpt:
Merrick sat at the little table on the terrace of their suite, soaking in the fresh morning breeze as he read the latest headlines. He took a sip of the fresh coffee that had arrived moments earlier. He’d always been an early riser, but he’d actually slept until eight. He couldn’t believe the time when he’d looked at the clock. He hadn’t slept past six in the morning since his college days.

It hadn’t been easy to leave the warmth of Chloe’s naked body. She’d been draped over him like a human blanket, but he’d had a lot of thinking to do. Things to plan. Today he’d promised an explanation for his obsessively focused attitude toward work. Christ, he’d practically abandoned her. His pride stung when he thought of how he’d treated her. The most precious thing in his life, and yet his need to prove himself had overshadowed that fact. There could be no changing the past, though. All he could do now was prove he’d never neglect her again. He only hoped she gave him a second chance.

A rustle of fabric behind him caught his attention and pulled him out of his thoughts. He turned in his chair to see Chloe standing in the doorway. Her long hair lay in tangled waves over her shoulders, down past her breasts. Her cream-colored silk robe delineated her sleek lines and full, rounded hips. She could wear a burlap sack and it still wouldn’t hide curves like hers.

His mouth watered.

Merrick held out his hand and murmured, “Come here, angel.”

Chloe padded barefoot across the patio, rubbing her sleepy eyes. “How come you didn’t wake me?”

He chuckled and pulled her onto his lap. “And risk a limb?”

She smacked his chest. “I’m not that bad and you know it.”

Chloe grumbled and groused until she had at least two cups of coffee. “You don’t do mornings well. Remember the time right after we were married? I decided to wake you and surprise you with breakfast in bed. Big mistake.”

She laughed. “I didn’t shove the tray in your face on purpose. It was an involuntary reaction.”

He smoothed his palm down her back and slid his fingers over the top of her ass. “It wasn’t my face that got drenched. I ended up with scrambled eggs and grape juice all over my boxers. And that juice was cold as hell, too.”

Her eyes darkened with arousal. “But I cleaned you up afterwards.”

He angled his head and kissed her lightly. “Mmm, yes you did. I enjoyed your apology very much.”

Chloe started to leave his lap, but Merrick clamped his arm around her tighter. “Going somewhere?”

“I need to shower. I feel all…sticky.”

He let his palm drift up her thigh, pushing her robe apart as he went. The instant he felt her soft curls, his semi-erect cock stood to full attention. He slid a finger between her pussy lips and encountered creamy heat. “You’re aroused.”

Chloe sighed and leaned back. “Sitting on your lap does that to me.”

“I’m very glad.”

Merrick wiggled his index finger deeper. The clutch of her inner muscles had him pushing his dick into her bottom. He needed to bury himself inside his wife’s welcoming sheath. He pulled his finger free, then grasped onto her waist, turning her around until she straddled him. They didn’t speak as he untied her robe and exposed her nude body in the soft morning light.

She made a grab for the robe. “What if someone sees us, Merrick?”

“Haven’t you ever wanted to try something just a little bit naughty, Chloe?”

“I-I suppose.”

He pushed her robe off her shoulders and watched it pool around her waist. Merrick looked over Chloe’s shoulder and realized another couple in a hotel room adjacent to them watched their every move. Merrick’s possessive instinct was to cover his wife from the other man’s view, but he stopped himself. This was a week they’d always remember. Why not go a little wild?

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  1. Loved the snippet.Can't wait to read more.
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    Read this excerpt. Then went to the website and read every other available excerpt, except for the one for "Some Like It Rough," since I already own that book. (I'll just plan on re-reading it tonight!)

    Now if I had a thick enough towel to clean up the drool I've left on the table in the library ....



  8. It was hard to concentrate on the excerpt. I am so of stuck on the fact that winner #1 gets both Some Like It Rought and So Sensitive. Thanks for the great giveaway. I am so happy to help you clear out your stock of books :)

  9. Great excerpt-will have to get this one. I dohave to go back and read my Anne books again-they are some of my favorites.

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  15. Thanks for all the lovely comments! I wanted to let everyone know that I'm going to let this contest run until tomorrow since it's a holiday weekend here in the U.S.

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  16. Fantastic contest--I hope I get lucky!
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  17. Great excerpt. I can't wait to read the book.

  18. Winner #1 is SUSAN KOHLER. You'll get print copies of "Some Like It Rough" and "So Sensitive". Please send me an email at: annerainey11 at gmail dot com with your mailing address so I can send you the books. Congrats!

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  19. Winner #2 is REGINA ROSS. You'll get print copies of "Seduce Me" and "Dare Me". Please send me an email at: annerainey11 at gmail dot com with your mailing address so I can send you the books. Congrats!

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  21. Winner #4 is CECILE. You'll get print copies of "So Sensitive" and "Body Rush". Please send me an email at: annerainey11 at gmail dot com with your mailing address so I can send you the books. Congrats!

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