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Snippet Saturday--color

This week's theme is 'color'. I picked a scene from WHAT SHE NEEDS (M/F/M). It's the third story in my Cape May series and this particular scene is so full of color that I knew it was the right one to share! I hope you enjoy it.

Adult Excerpt

Tory stood at the railing, staring out at the ocean. Cancun was every bit as beautiful and romantic as she’d hoped. The warm weather was perfect for snorkeling and lazing in the sun. The cool night breeze off the water sent a chill down her body as she watched the dark waves slowly rolling in, then back out again. It was their first night there. She wondered if Con and Devon would even let her out of bed to enjoy the sights, much less go snorkeling. Or if she’d let them out! She grinned at the thought, then heard a shuffling from behind. Turning her head, Tory watched Devon and Con striding toward her. They were dark, strong and mostly naked. Her body stirred to life.

"Why are you out here when we’re in there?" Con asked.

Tory barely suppressed the need to moan. Con’s deep voice always had the power to turn her on. Of course, his bare chest and sexy red boxers didn’t hurt, either. Boxers she’d bought him for their first V-Day together. "I’m enjoying the night. It’s so lovely here, Con." She pointedly looked at his boxers and wanted to curse. "I can’t believe I couldn’t think of a better gift for you and Devon."

Con took her in his arms and held her tight. "We told you before, baby,
you are the best gift any man could wish for."

"Thank you, for everything. Including this wonderful trip."

"Thank Devon too. Without him, we wouldn't be here."

Tory pushed backward and peered to the left of Con to see Devon in his brand-new electric blue knit pajama pants, a warm smile on his face. "Thank you, Devon."

He leaned close and pressed his lips to her temple. "Come on, you can thank me properly inside."

She stepped out of Con’s arms and followed Devon into their suite. The hotel was beautiful, the room ridiculously expensive, and yet it could be a hole-in-the-wall for all she cared. Her sole concentration was on Devon in that moment as he tossed his pjs on a chair and headed toward her, a gleam of wicked intent lighting his eyes.

As if the three of them had choreographed each move, Tory walked to the right until her knees hit the end of the bed, then she turned. Devon reached out and pushed at the center of her chest, knocking her to the plush, cream-colored comforter. She shimmied up the mattress so that she lay in the center. Con, in all his bronzed and dark-haired glory, stripped out of his clothes and spread out on the bed next to her, while Devon lowered himself on top of her. Their well-muscled bodies and the intensity in their sexy eyes were

enough to have any woman drooling, but the heavy weight between Devon’s legs had her aching and wet. She peeked over at Con and realized he was every bit as hard.

Tory tore her gaze away from the swelled head of his erection and searched Con’s face for signs of jealousy. He still didn’t wear his heart on his sleeve, but the soft smile he sent her way was reassurance enough.

Devon pushed his pelvis against her, gaining her attention. With the single-minded purpose of making him squirm, Tory began smoothing her right hand over his pectorals. She ran her fingers through the coarse dark curls that littered his chest and inched her legs upward until they were wrapped around his lean waist. She let her sex slide along the length of his cock, luxuriating in his deep groan of satisfaction.

"You do me in, sugar," Devon confessed as he teased his fingers down the front of her, setting off several little fires along the way. "Ah, sweet and soft," he groaned as he kissed her. His lips, so warm and firm, tasted hers as if he wanted to spend a good long time pleasuring each and every part of her with his mouth. When he flipped them both over, putting her on top, she started to protest. His pleasurable torture continued, distracting her. By slow degrees, he took playful licks of her tongue and nipped her lower lip with his teeth. When she felt a pair of masculine hands cupping and caressing her bottom, Tory broke the kiss and looked beside her to see Con propped up on his elbow. The intensity in his silver gaze scorched a path clear to her core.

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