Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pleasure Bound--Erotic Excerpt!

And now something for all of you folks who take the time to read my blog. Psst, have ice water handy! LOL

Exclusive ADULT excerpt from Pleasure Bound:

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Jonas stayed in place for several seconds after her orgasm ended, as if relishing the little aftershocks. Then he lifted his head.

“You are so fucking beautiful when you come,” he murmured.

Amen, was all Deanna could think as she let her eyes drift closed. Then his weight lifted and Deanna opened them again. She watched him stand beside the bed, staring down at her with some unnamed emotion on his face.

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

He crooked his finger and grinned wolfishly at her. “Come over here, kitten.”

Deanna rolled to her side and sat up. When she stood and went to him, Jonas placed his hand on the small of her back and directed her across the room. He stopped her when she reached the dresser. The mirror. As she stared at her reflection, heat flooded her cheeks. Her gaze shot to his. His guttural words turned her legs to jelly.

“I’m going to make you come again. Only this time, you’ll see what I see.”

“I’m not sure I can, not like this.”

“You can,” he whispered; then he dipped his head to the side and kissed her nape. As if he’d pulled a string, Deanna began to climb that same cliff all over again.

Jonas slid his hands up and down her arms, teasing goose bumps to the surface. Deanna forgot her trepidations and simply sank into the moment. With her eyes open, she watched Jonas move his lips lower, until he was behind her. He was totally out of view now, but she felt his mouth against her shoulder blades. Deanna’s body hummed to life as he kissed and licked. “God, I had no idea.”

“Mmm, what?”

“That shoulders could be such a hot spot.”

“Only with my mouth,” he growled. “No other.”

Deanna let the possessive statement go for one reason only--because she knew deep down that if any woman chose to put her mouth on any part of Jonas’s body, Deanna would go postal.

Her body jolted when Jonas’s mouth came into contact with her bottom. She could only assume he was on his knees as he stroked the seam of her buttocks with his tongue. His talented hands massaged and fondled her ass cheeks. Deanna leaned forward and braced her hands on the top of the dresser, then shuddered when he parted her.

“Spread your legs for me. Nice and wide.”

Deanna did as he bid, but only barely. She just wasn’t as open, as uninhibited as he was.

Thankfully, Jonas seemed to understand her nervousness, because he didn’t press the issue. His tongue caressed her again, moving slowly between her thighs to her swollen labia. He separated her and dipped in, piercing her entrance in fast, stabbing motions. So much sensation, it’d never been this way. He made her feel alive with a few clever touches.

“Such a pretty ass and pussy. Let me see more, kitten. I won’t hurt you. Please, for me.”

That’s when Deanna knew the scary truth. That she’d do anything for him. Giving up all sense of modesty, she widened her stance. He hummed his approval and was there again, sucking at her clitoris and taking her over that jagged edge. She happily soared higher and higher as his tongue probed and his lips brushed and tormented. Deanna shouted Jonas’s name as he tugged her nubbin with his teeth. She went up in flames, pushing backward against his face, achingly aware of his hard, calloused hands holding her hips still. As he kissed her pussy and licked her tight, pink anus, her legs nearly buckled.

In an instant, he was standing again, his body molding to the length of hers as he stared at her in the mirror. “You tear me up, Deanna. Goddamn, I want you.”

“Then take me, Jonas,” she choked out.

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