Saturday, November 19, 2011

Snippet Saturday--Action

Ready! Set! Action!

That's the themes this Saturday. I couldn't resist the fight scene I wrote in A Diamond at Midnight, which happens to be my one and only vampire romance. You can get it for .99 on the Kindle and Nook.

Hope you enjoy it!

He kept her at his back as he left the bedroom, his senses open to danger at all times. To Rafael.

Just as he entered the living room, he felt the change in the air.

Evil brought a heavy, dark scent wherever it went.

“I see you’ve come to save your little gem. How sweet.”

The lamp beside the couch was on, and Rafael’s blond hair gleamed in the light. Cain had always thought the man looked angelic. Too bad his nature was as black as hell itself. The six- foot-six vampire sat at one end of Diamonique’s couch, one leg crossed over the other, his huge body relaxed, as if he’d come to have tea instead of torturing and killing Diamonique.

Cain was angry with himself for not sensing Rafael sooner. For sleeping, when he should have been alert—watching over Diamonique. Christ, he’d practically drawn The Dominion a map straight to her door!

“You’re too late, Rafael. But then, what else is new,” Cain shot back, as he ran through his options. He could easily dematerialize, take Diamonique to safety, then come back and kill Rafael. But, who was to say that Rafael hadn’t already planned for that outcome. Hell, he probably had his minions all over the place, ready to do his bidding.

“See how differently we view things, Cain? From where I’m sitting, I’m right on time.”

Rafael in all his arrogance thought himself unbeatable. Cain would use that character flaw to kill the twisted being. “This is between you and me. Leave Diamond out of it.”

Rafael made a tsking sound. “Wish I could, but it’s too late for that, isn’t it?”

“Your fight is with me. You want ancient blood? Come and get it, asshole, but she stays out of it.”

With slow, careful movements, Rafael rose to his full height. Anger made his face contort into the hideous creature he truly was. “You dare dictate to me, Cain?”

“You have no hold over me anymore, old man. You haven’t for a long time.”

In a heartbeat, Rafael was across the room, his long, bony fingers wrapped around Cain’s neck, squeezing. “You think you’re so goddamn smart. That was always your problem, Cain. You never could see the forest for the damn trees.”

He squeezed harder. Instinctively, Cain grabbed Rafael’s arms and dug his nails into his skin, knowing any blood loss would weaken him. Blood coated his fingertips, and Cain scraped his sharp talons upward, creating deep furrows. Rafael never loosened his hold and hatred fueled the other vampire’s rage.

“I despise you, Cain. It’s going to be a pleasure taking your precious diamond from you.”

Fear for Diamonique pushed Cain into action. He drew his right arm back and slammed his fist into Rafael’s face. The force of the blow thrust Rafael several feet to the side. He stumbled and came right back, his teeth gleaming, spittle dripping from his mouth.

“You little prick! I never should have made you one of us,” Rafael raged, then his fist shot out. Cain was faster as he swiftly ducked the punch. He grabbed Rafael by the front of the shirt and used his other hand to rip open several deep slices down the vampire’s cheek. Rafael howled in rage, then delivered a right hook. Cain lost his hold on Rafael, but recovered from the blow quick enough to see the depraved bastard’s fist coming at him again. This time Cain was prepared and dodged to the left, then delivered an uppercut of his own.

“You’ve lost it, Rafael,” Cain taunted, as he continued to duck and punch. “You need to be put down. You’re a goddamn embarrassment.”

Cain dodged a roundhouse kick, then delivered a swift jab to Rafael’s jaw. Bone crunched beneath his fist and blood spurted. Finally, the ancient showed signs of weakening from the deep cuts. Then his gaze shot to Diamonique. In an instant, Cain leaped in front of her. Rafael vanished, then reappeared behind Diamonique. He grabbed her by the hair and yanked her backwards. Diamonique slammed a hand into Rafael’s nose, surprising Cain and Rafael both. It was all the time Cain needed to get a message to her.

Cain pulled her away from Rafael and growled, “Dissolve, Diamond, go to our private place!”

Diamonique shook her head, denying him. “I won’t leave you to deal with this alone.”

He wanted to kiss and throttle her at the same time, but there would be time later for that. He hoped. For now, he needed her gone. “Go now! I cannot fight him if I’m worried about you. I’ll come for you, Diamond, just leave now!”

In a flash of color, Diamonique was gone, leaving him alone with an enraged six hundred-year-old vampire.

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