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Snippet Saturday--Sexy!

The theme this time around is 'sexy'. I knew I had to pick a scene from Tasting Candy. I just LOVE Blade Vaughn. Yum! :)

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Blade woke when Candice started to shuffle out of bed. "Where you going, baby?" he asked in a sleep-roughened voice as he grabbed Candice’s arm to halt her escape.

"I need a hot shower." She looked at him a moment, a pretty, content smile lighting her drowsy eyes. "You may be used to all this…activity, but I’m not."
Blade smiled with possessive delight. "Yeah, I know. Pleases the hell out of me, too," he said, starting to get up with her. "Come on, we’ll shower together."


Candice sounded scandalized by the idea. Amazing after all they’d done together, she still blushed over the idea of him seeing her wet. He’d never figure out the female mind, not as long as he lived.

"Together," he reiterated, then proceeded to drag her cute, naked body from the room.

"Blade, I’m not entirely sure about this."

She frowned, biting her lip and trying to cover her breasts with her one free hand. Which wasn’t really working out too well for her. He stopped in his tracks as a horrible thought occurred.

He lifted her chin with the side of his fist. "Are you sore, baby? Was I too rough?"

Candice’s expressive blue eyes grew large. "Oh, Blade, it was wonderful. You were wonderful."

"That doesn’t answer my question. Are you sore?" he asked again, with more force this time.

She shrugged and stared down at the floor. "A little."

He was an animal. Scum. The lowest form of scum. "Shit, I should have left you alone after the first time."

Candice quickly shook her head. "Don’t you even think it, Blade Vaughn. Every minute, everything you did was worth some soreness this morning."

He stared another second, then visually scanned her. He didn’t see any bruises, and considering how vigorous he’d been that was amazing in and of itself.

"I’ll wash you," he stated. Candice blushed. Her modesty had him smiling. He moved behind her and kissed the delicate skin below her ear. "Real gentle. It’ll feel good, I promise, baby."

Just the idea had his usual morning erection going harder. He seemed to sport a permanent woody around Candice.

Blade gave her a nudge, spellbound as her ass swayed while she moved the rest of the way down the hall. It was a sight he could get used to.

Once in the bathroom, Candice bent and turned on the overhead spray. Blade couldn’t resist a quick feel. He reached out and slid two fingers over the silky seam of her bottom, causing her to jump and screech.

"Blade!" she yelped.

He chuckled shamelessly. "Well, you stuck it right out there for me. What’s a guy supposed to do? Besides, you do have the sweetest ass, sweetheart." Blade growled.


He chuckled at how naïve she was to her own sex appeal. The woman had set his blood on fire the night before and yet she still acted like a virginal school girl around him.

Blade kissed her forehead, enjoying her more by the minute, then gave her butt a swift swat, ordering, "In you go, Candy girl."

He waited for her to step into the tub before moving in behind her. "Which soap?" he asked, perplexed by the countless bottles that littered every flat surface of the tub.

Candice had about five different scents from what he could tell. What was it about women that they thought they needed to be all smelly? It was the feminine scent they were born with that a man liked best.

"How about this one?" She held up a short, fat bottle with some sort of milky stuff inside.

He popped the top and sniffed for himself. "Mmm, yeah, I like this."
She beamed at him, apparently pleased by his comment. "Milk and Honey. It’s my favorite."

"Ah, I see. Well, let’s find out what it smells like on, shall we?" he asked with wicked delight.

Washing a woman, washing Candice Warner, would undoubtedly be on his top ten list of favorite things to do.

Blade located a peach-colored puff and squirted some of the milky liquid onto it. He squeezed it, watching the bubbles appear and started on her arms. He moved downward, washing each finger with great care before moving on to her back and finally her feet. She had cute toes. Her middle toe was somewhat crooked, and Blade found it adorable. She giggled, and he looked up from his kneeling position to see her holding back a laugh.

"Ticklish?" he asked with mischievous intent. Candice squinted suspiciously down at him and gave him a petulant shrug.

Seeing that little movement as pure challenge, Blade purposely washed the soles of her feet, loving the laughter that spilled out of her. He kept up his gentle torture until she cried uncle.

Candice was becoming so free with him, it turned his heart to mush. Damn, he was in love with her. It was as plain as the impish nose on Candice’s face. An easy sort of contentment washed over him.

He moved up her strong calves, past her knees to her soft thighs. Candice’s laughter died, giving way to fast breathing and languorous eyes.

"Spread your legs for me, baby." When she did as he asked, Blade dropped the puff and poured the soap directly into his palms. Nothing was getting in the way of his hand and her flesh.

 Tasting Candy

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