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Snippet Saturday--Beginnings--FREE Read!

This snippet is about 'beginnings'. And in the spirit of giving I've chosen an excerpt from my free read, Instructing Sarah. The whole story is available for download on my website.

This is Greg and Sarah's first date, their beginning...

Sarah was having the time of her life with Greg. They had gone to see a movie and, much to her surprise, he’d picked a comedy. They’d laughed themselves silly. She hadn't laughed and had such a good time with a man in…well ever. They were back in his black Blazer and on their way home, but he turned down a different road.

Puzzled, she glanced over at him. "Where are we going?"

"Oh baby, the evening is not yet finished. You aren’t going to turn into a pumpkin are you?" he asked teasingly as he looked over at her for a brief moment. Sarah saw mystery in his eyes and something else pooling in their devilish depths. Hunger? But for what, Sarah wondered. Or maybe the correct word was, for whom? 

She decided not to think too hard about tonight. Just to go with the flow for once.  "Well no, but I would like to know where my prince is taking me on such a lovely evening as this?"

"Now that would certainly spoil my lady's surprise, would it not?” he murmured, keeping up their lighthearted role-playing.

"Yes, I suppose it would, and I certainly wouldn't want to spoil it. Shall I close my eyes too? So your surprise will be complete and untainted?” She laughed, full well expecting him to laugh along with her.

"Yeah, close your eyes, fair lady,” he whispered lustfully, “trust in me to tell you when to open them again.” He paused, then asked a little too seriously, “Will you trust me, Sarah?"

"Yes, Greg, I trust you."  She breathed out, then proved it by closing her eyes and leaning her head back against the seat.

Greg hadn't expected the conversation to take such an interesting turn. Nevertheless, he couldn't let the opportunity to observe Sarah up close go by. She was so pretty. Especially when she laughed. She made him feel like the luckiest man on earth when the smiles were directed towards him as they had been tonight. He’d taken her to a comedy for two reasons. He wanted to take her mind off her nervousness because he knew she had been apprehensive at first. He didn’t quite understand it. She was a knockout and she seemed so confident, but around him she stuttered like a jumpy schoolgirl. The second reason was so he could watch the way her face changed as she laughed. There wasn’t anything more beautiful than a woman’s smile. Well, except for maybe a woman in the throes of a climax, obviously. What he hadn’t expected was the raging hard-on he’d gotten when her face had split into a disarming grin. Who would have thought that laughter from a woman could make a man as hard as granite? Hearing her in the theatre made him glad that it was dark. He would've made a spectacle of himself if it weren't. Hell, he was so horny by the time they’d left that he knew if he took her straight home, he'd have her stripped down on the floor, and would’ve been inside of her within seconds.

That’s when the thought had struck to take her to his brother’s bar, The Trouble Spot. As appealing as it was to take Sarah in such an abandoned way, he didn't want her to think he had no finesse at all, that he was no more than a crazed animal. Although, that was pretty much the way he felt at the moment.

 Of course, Sarah wasn’t just any woman either. She was special. Sweet and kind and so fucking sexy sitting next to him with her eyes closed and her legs pressed tightly together. He couldn’t wait to get her alone, to get her out of her clothes and explore her petite body. Watch as she spread her legs wide just for him. As they turned the next corner and began traveling down the street where the bar was located, Greg peered over at Sarah to see if her eyes were still closed. They were. In fact, she had a sexy little smile on her lips and her hair was like satin, falling down past her shoulders, giving him a perfect view of her slender, delicate neck. He may well have been a vampire in some other life because the need to taste her pulsing vein with his tongue and bite into her pale, ivory flesh there, marking her, was nearly overpowering.

He pulled into the parking lot of the bar and drove around to the back, so they could enter from the private entrance. He stopped the Blazer and put it in park, but didn’t turn off the engine. He leaned closer to Sarah and whispered, "You’re turning me on right now, Sarah Templeton." 

He wanted to seduce her, to mesmerize her into doing as he wished. Her lashes began to flutter open, but he touched each lid with a kiss, effectively keeping them closed. "You trusted me to say when, and I have yet to do so, my lady."

She remained quiet, but her lids never lifted, thrilling the hell out of him by her sweet submission. He caressed her hair with his fingers and stroked her silky tresses.

"I love your hair, sweetheart. So soft and baby fine." 

Greg trailed his hand down its length to smooth one finger over her neck. He touched the pulse beating wildly in her throat and it seemed to quicken right under his fingertip. Greg leaned in closer still, inhaling her feminine fragrance. "Your scent is making me nuts. Bet you didn’t know I’ve thought about you, did you, Sarah?” Her mouth fell open, tempting him. He covered it with his own, tasting both her surprise and her arousal. He kept it quick… Otherwise he might strip her right there in the parking lot.

“I imagine you lying under me at night, your soft body pressed against mine as I take you slowly from behind. I’ve had my fair share of hot, erotic dreams of you, Sarah.” His voice grew raspier with the fever that ran through his veins. A fever only she could cool.

He bent his lips to her pulse and licked the length of her protruding vein. "Do you want more? Would you trust me with your body, baby?” Her jerky nod gave him exactly what he needed, her total acceptance.

“Mmm, yes. I want more of you too. So much more. I want to know all your secret little desires. The ones that cause your blood to pound hot in your veins and have you quivering with need. I want you begging and wriggling beneath me… for me."
     He bent and tasted her succulent, ivory neck. It was arched up towards him like an offering to a god. He licked her soft skin and sucked her into his mouth. Then he bit her lightly, branding her as his woman...

This is a free read on my site. Go here to download the .pdf!

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