Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tuesday 2

Tuesday 2 is something new I'm doing.
On Tuesdays I'll post something from one of my stories. It'll either be:
Page 2, 
2 paragraphs,
Line 2 of chapter 2
2 sentences,
...um, you get the idea!
Today is page 2 from my one and only first person point of view story, Burn.
I hope you enjoy it!

Burn, page 2:

...and the full moon shone through the trees. It was romantic and beautiful, and I adored Blake for being so sweet with me this first time. He turned around and kissed me. His touch was electric. It’d been that way since the first time he’d stroked a hand down my cheek and asked me to the spring formal. I’d been head over heels ever since.

"I want you so bad, Ally. You’re special. Never forget that, okay?"

I didn’t know why he felt the need to say that. I knew what we had was different. Blake had dated other girls, but he’d never treated them the way he treated me. We were in love. That was the difference. I knew in my heart we were meant to be together.

"Take off your blouse. I want to see you."

I did as he asked. Blake could have anything he wanted from me. As far as I was concerned, my body belonged to him. With shaking fingers, I unbuttoned the pink silk and let it drift to the ground. He stepped forward and unclasped my bra with a quickness that surprised me. I didn’t want to think about how he’d gotten to be so good at unhooking a girl’s bra.

As he bared my chest, the night air rushed over my skin, and I instinctively covered myself with my palms. I watched with heated interest as he licked his lips and murmured, "You’re so pretty, baby. Don’t hide from me. Never from me."

Nervous, but willing to give Blake everything, I slowly dropped my hands to my sides. His head came down. He clasped my left nipple between his lips and sucked hard. I arched forward, feeling that zing of pleasure between my thighs. Moisture pooled there, and I was shocked at my own reaction. He licked and flicked my nipple, while his other hand came up to cup and squeeze my other breast. I grabbed his head and held him against me. After several long minutes of suckling and fondling, he released my flesh with a pop and stepped back. He stared at my wet nipples, and I could have sworn he growled. I couldn’t be sure, though. My own desire seemed to be buzzing in my ears.

"Skim out of those jeans, baby girl. I want to see you in the moonlight."

I was beyond speech. In that moment, I couldn’t have uttered a single protest to save my life. As I slipped the button free and dragged the zipper down on my designer jeans, Blake began to do the same. My one salvation in all this was knowing he would be...  Read more HERE

A Little Bit Naughty--out now!

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