Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Blog HOP!

I'm giving away an ecopy of one of my books, winner's choice! All you have to do is answer this question in the comment section:

Do you have a favorite memory of Valentine's Day?


Cupid has surely hit this hop with a golden arrow!

So here’s how the hop goes each of the participating author below is going to run a contest on their blog for the readers to enjoy! So make sure you stop by all the stops on the hop. I know you won’t be disappointed!

Contest ends February 14, 2012 at midnight EST.

Click authors name to go to their site…

  1. Drea Becraft: Necklace, Ring, and Promo goodie bag
  2. Jean Joachim: [Unknown]
  3. Elizabeth Black: A copy of either “Filthy Leuker” or “Feral Heat”
  4. Sandra Sookoo:$10 Amazon GC plus $10GC from Bath and Body Works
  5. Lindsay Klug: 2 GCs to an online book retailer
  6. Malia Mallory: Winners choice of any current release eBook
  7. Belinda McBride: Winner’s choice of a book from my backlist
  8. Kellie Kamryn: 8×10 print & choice of Backlist
  9. Kelly Jamieson: Copy of Rule of Three
  10. Dawne Prochilo: Callie’s Way- The VW Club Book 1
  11. Laura Tolomei: ebook The Sex Book 1 Virtus Saga
  12. Margay Leah Justice : Electronic copy of Sloane Wolf
  13. Opal Carew: A print copy of Insatiable
  14. PD Singer: Choice off backlist or The Rare Event & a PD Singer keychain
  15. Sarah Grimm: Free digital download of one of my books
  16. Tara Lain: A choice from my backlist and a $10 Starbucks card.
  17. Tracy Sumner: Copies of my entire set of releases
  18. Venessa Johnson: Ebook of their choice from my titles at Red Rose Publishing
  19. Cassandre Dayne: Copy of Treacherous Hunger – full length novel
  20. Havan Fellows: 2 winners – choice of book from my backlist
  21. Dakotah Black: Copy of The Flamingo Wrangler – second in the Pinked Series
  22. DH Black: Copy of Inferno – the second in the Retribution Collection
  23. Selena Kitt: Winner’s choice – any TWO of my ebooks!
  24. Ella Jade: $10 Amazon GC
  25. Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy: Ecopy-A Patient Heart & print-Love Never Fails
  26. Elizabeth Noble: [Unknown]
  27. Sara York: $20 at Amazon
  28. Kharisma Rayne: 2 backlist Ebooks of choice
  29. Simply Erotic Reviews: [Unkown]
  30. Trinity Blacio: two of my books in pdf & a copy of one of my print books.
  31. Carrie Ann Ryan: $10 Amazon GC
  32. Mary Abshire: ebook from my Soul Catcher series
  33. Julie Lynn Hayes: Winner’s choice of backlist.
  34. Jayne Rylon: $10 gift certificate to Samhain Publishing
  35. Doris O’Connor: One of my available titles, Winners Choice
  36. Barbara Westbrook: Ebook copy of Standing on Stolen Ground
  37. Shannon West: ebook copy of Georgia Heat
  38. Crymsyn Hart: [Unknown]
  39. Robin Badillo: $20 Amazon GC & copies of Midnight Beckoning & Flesh Wounds
  40. Gabrielle Evans: $50 Amazon GC
  41. Louisa Bacio: See’s Gift Certificate, 1 .pdf book from my backlist.
  42. Desi Moon: Ecopy of Summerland and an Ecopy of The Tempting Cupid
  43. Daryl Devore: A copy of my twisted fairy tale – Sexy Red Hood
  44. Victoria Adams: 2 copies of contemporary romance – Circles Interlocked
  45. Natalie-Nicole Bates: pdf of Change of Address & a limited-edition perfume
  46. Sarah Ballance: PDF copy of UNFORGIVEN
  47. Tara Lain: The winners choice of any Tara Lain book (two winners)
  48. W. Lynn Chantale: [Unknown]
  49. Laura Kaye: $10 amazon gift card
  50. Stacey Kennedy: Ebook of Supernaturally Kissed
  51. Kelly Jamieson: Copy of Rule of Three
  52. Daisy Dunn: A copy of The Portal ebook and a $10 Amazon gift card
  53. Rawiya: A choice of ebook on backlist
  54. Lee Brazil: 6 ebooks
  55. Kacey Hammell: Ebooks, author goodies
  56. Xavier Axelson: Ebook copy of Never Say Never Anthology
  57. Heaven Eldeen: 2 See’s Candy GC, 2 copies of The Demon Side, & 6 book marks
  58. Vanessa A Johnson: $10 GC to Red Rose Publishing and ebook copy off backlist
  59. Wendy Smith: $10 gift certificate to Amazon.com
  60. Anne Barwell: An ebook copy Shadowboxin
  61. Staci Brush: Ecopy of From Your Valentine
  62. Natasha Blackthorne: [Unknown]
  63. Marie Rose Dufour: A ecopy of Fated Mates and a $10 GC to ARe or Bookstrand
  64. J.D. Faver: A choice of downloads and a Bad Girls Need Love Too…tee shirt
  65. Cari Quinn: $5.00 Amazon/B&N gift certificate and 2 of my backlist ebooks
  66. Tara Manderino: E-copy of Taking Chances, or Heart Quest
  67. Carol DeVaney: Copy of A Perfect Match
  68. Naughty Night Press: ecopies of Spontaneous Liaisons & Seeing Red
  69. Heather Boyd: A PDF copy of The Almack’s Alternative
  70. Fiona McGier: 2 signed paperbacks of winner’s choice from my backlist
  71. Cassandra Dean: A copy of ENSLAVED, plus signed author goodies.
  72. Lucy Felthouse: Winner’s choice of my single-author backlist titles
  73. Tarah Scott: Copy of When A Rose Blooms
  74. Penelope Rivers: Ecopy of my Valentines Day Short
  75. Kerry Adrienne: $25 GC to Amazon or Barnes and Noble
  76. Lou Sylvre: e-book copy of Delsyn’s Blues
  77. DC Juris: winner’s choice of 1 pdf from my backlist
  78. Harper Kingsley: 4 ebooks to 4 different winners. 1 signed print book.
  79. KT Bishop: Ecopy of Careless Heart
  80. Karen Cino: A copy of my book of love poems
  81. Elaina Lee: Bath and Body Works Paris Amour fragrance set
  82. Dawn Roberto: $10 gift certificate to All Romance Ebook Store
  83. Giselle Renarde: [Unkown]
  84. S.J. Frost: Winner’s Choice of one title from my backlist in ebook
  85. Keta Diablo: 2 PDFs of Crossroads
  86. Kayelle Allen: [Unknown]
  87. Kaily Hart: [Unkown]
  88. No Boundaries Press: 1 Book A month for 6 months & 3months
  89. Tammy Dennings Maggy: free electronic copy of my book of poetry
  90. Lyric James: E-copy of A Gift of Chocolate and $5.00 gift-cert to Amazon
  91. Casey Crow: e-book copy of Can’t Fake This
  92. Empi Baryeh: 2 copies of Most Eligible Bachelor + a $10 books gift certificate
  93. Guilty Pleasure Book Reviews: 22 books from the participating authors
  94. Kiru Taye: 2 copies His Strength eBook & 2 copies RWoWA Anthology
  95. Siobhan Kinkade: (1) copy of Something In the Air
  96. Olivia Starke: $10 Amazon gift card to anyone & Sweets & Swag to 1 US winner
  97. Mike Woody: Free copy of ’Twisted Hearts Tales.’
  98. Coral Moore : 5 eBook copies of my stories, winner’s choice
  99. Jambrea Jo Jones: pdf copy of Magnus
  100. Velvet Rose: Copy of my ebook, Sexy Little Bites
  101. Shelia Goss: Two ebooks: Her Invisible Husband and Tosha’s Invisible Man
  102. Lily Sawyer: winner’s choice of one of my books
  103. Naomi Bellina: Winner’s choice of ebook and an Amazon gift certificate
  104. H.B. Pattskyn: A signed copy of Heart’s Home
  105. Brenda Williamson: $50 Jewelry Shopping Spree + A pdf copy from my backlist
  106. Ruth Hill: Any book up to $10 from Book Depository
  107. Jane Wakely: [Unknown]
  108. Kaye Manro: [Unknown]
  109. Kathryn R. Blake: Beautiful Jewlery
  110. Shay MacLean: [Unknown]
  111. Naughty Author Chicks: 10 ebooks and $20 gift certificate too
  112. Frances Pauli: Three winners can select any e-book from back list
  113. Jennifer Labelle: ebook copy of Leather and Pleasure & A Wicked Wager
  114. Jennie Marsland: Copy of ”Shattered.”
  115. Avril Ashton: Two ebooks from backlist
  116. KB Alan: ebook of Sweetest Seduction & a necklace
  117. Erica Pike: e-copy A Life Without You, Hot Hands, A Grade-A-Sex-Deal.
  118. Anne Rainey: winner’s choice of one of my ebooks
  119. Willa Edwards: $10 gift certificate to bookstrand.com
  120. Kimberly Gardner: 1 ebook copy of The Shape of a Heart
  121. Carol Preflatish: I’ll be giving away one of my books
  122. D.C. McMillen: Choice of book from the erotic humor series, Nauti-Lust
  123. Sean Michael: An ebook copy of Smoke and Fire
  124. AJ Jarrett: $25 Gift Card to Amazon
  125. Sarah Mäkelä: Digital copy of Captive Moonlight
  126. Cassidy McKay: $10 Amazon or B&N GC & Choice off backlist
  127. Gabrielle Bisset: Gift card
  128. Norma Nielson: Amazon GC
  129. Taryn: kindle book giveaway
  130. Wynter Daniels: Ebook download – Burning Touch
  131. Rhian Cahill: Winner’s choice of two backlist or $10GC for bookstore of choice
  132. Tory Michaels: Free copy of Blood Rage
  133. Suzzana C. Ryan: 2 ebooks
  134. Carly Fall: One ebook copy of each of my three books
  135. Sandra Bunino: 2-$10 gift certificates to Amazon or B&N
  136. Ella Jade YA: A copy of my YA (ages 18-24) Novel Jocelyn’s Choice
  137. Suzanne Barrett: An e-book of An Irish Rogue, plus handmade (by me) earrings
  138. Ruth J Hartman: Reader’s Choice of any of my romances in ebook form
  139. Amy Romine: 3 free ebooks
  140. Allison Merritt: Copy of The Treasure Hunter’s Lady
  141. Elise Mairon: $5 Amazon gift card 1 copy of one of my ebooks
  142. Ayla Ruse: [Unknown]
  143. Anne Holly: 1 ebook in Kindle or PDF – winner’s choice
  144. Blair McDowell: 2 copies of The Memory of Roses
  145. Malia Mallory: Free ebook of new release
  146. Ambrielle Kirk: [Unknown]
  147. Diane Alberts: a backlist copy of one of my e-books
  148. Darcia Helle: 1 signed print copy and 5 ebooks copies of any of my 8 titles
  149. Dianne Hartsock: An ebook of any story in my ‘Shelton’ series
  150. Jennifer Lynne: $10 Amazon Gift Card
  151. Elyzabeth M. VaLey: [Unknown]
  152. Heather Thurmeier: $10 Amazon.com Gift Card
  153. Tarah Scott: Digital copy of The Pendulum
  154. T.C. Archer: Digital copy of For His Eyes Only
  155. Joyce Cortes McGuire: $50 Amazon Gift Card
  156. Myne Whitman: 2 eBook copies each of A Heart to Mend and A Love Rekindled
  157. Cammie Eicher: e-book package of Shadow Ancient
  158. Sandy Sullivan: Print of Love Me Once, Love Me Twice & Before The Night Is Over
  159. Kay Springsteen: [Unknown]
  160. Cynthia Arsuaga: Necklace and PDF of A Vampire in Paris
  161. Jena Jaxon: Copies of two of my books and swag
  162. Kristabel Reed: copy of The Masque & 2 $10 GCs to B&N or Amazon
  163. K.E. Saxon: $25 Amazon GC
  164. Brenna Zinn: Copy of Mi Toro
  165. Lyda Frazier: $20 Gift Card
  166. Karenna Colcroft: Winners choice off backlist
  167. Raven McAllan: A copy of Taken Identity
  168. Nichelle Gregory: Ebook copy of As You Desire
  169. BA Tortuga: Pamper yourself Gift Basket
  170. Lissa Matthews: Ecopy of Twisted Up
  171. Ren Thompson: $25 GC
  172. Wendi Zwaduk: Winners choice off backlist
  173. Megan Slayer: $5 GC to Changeling Press
  174. Stephanie Danielson: Winner’s choice off backlist
  175. Linda Nightingale: Faux pearl necklace
  176. Bianca Swan: Copy of Hot Spanish Nights
  177. Judith Leger: Copy of Dragon Wish
  178. Naughty Edition Reviews: Chocolate,ebook, bubble bath, & candles
  179. R. Renee Vickers: promotional copy of Sly’s Surrender.
  180. Mia Natasha: Ecopy of Ghost’s Chance
  181. M.S. Spencer: Choice off backlist
  182. Dana Littlejohn: t-shirt and mug
  183. Jaxx Steele: T-shirt and Mugs
  184. B.A. Knight: Ecopy of Immortal Love
  185. Cara Bristol: $10 GC to Amazon
  186. Gemma Parkes: Ecopy of Master Me, Master You
  187. Victoria Valentine: Desert Noon romance poetry book and $10 GC
  188. Stephanie Beck: Valentines Grab Bag [US Only]
  189. Beth D. Carter: Winners choice off backlist
  190. Lizzie Star: $5 Amazon GC each day
  191. Abby Hayes: Ecopy of Seeing Red
  192. Kate Hill: A pdf download of Victory Stallion and Impassioned
  193. Jocelyn Modo: 3 Kindle Copies of Revolution Lovers
  194. Desiree Holt: Ecopy of Cupid’s Shift
  195. Julia Devlin: Choice off backlist and $10 Amazon GC
  196. Ellie Heller: 1-$10 Noble GC & 1-$10 Amazon GC
  197. Alvania Scarborough: Choice off backlist and $10 B&N GC
  198. Kelly L Lee: Ecopy of Murdering Eve
  199. Nan Hawthorne: Ebook or print copy of An Involuntary King
  200. L.M. Brown: ebook copy of the Gift of Love anthology.
  201. Cerise DeLand: A Copy of Mia Dolce & Lady Featherstone’s Fervent Affair
  202. Natasha Blackthorne: Choice of two Erotic Romance Novellas
  203. Billi Jean: Copy of Silver’s Chance and a $10 CG for Noble Romance Publishing
  204. Naomi Shaw: $10 Amazon GC
  205. Lynn Crain: The whole Santa Elves series in ebook
  206. Jana Downs: First three books of the Ravyn Warriors series in .pdf format
  207. Ericka Scott: Silver Heart Pendant, signed copy of Once Upon a Midnight & chocolates
  208. Jorja Lovett: e-book copy of Pyramid of Passion
  209. Sable Hunter: Ebook of My Aliyah
  210. Tamara Monteau: E-copy of Haven’s King
  211. Natalie Baum: Ebook, body lotion, & $10 Amazon GC
  212. Jianne Carlo: 3 eBooks – Valentine Voodoo and a Hallmark Gift Card
  213. JL Oiler: E-copy of any backlist title
  214. Jennifer Zane: E-Book of Gnome On The Range
  215. Seawood Tice: ebook copy Live In Position
  216. Sherry Gload: Several book marks. A pdf copy of The Wrong Target
  217. West Thornhill: Copy of Transcend
  218. Zathyn Priest: eBook of The Curtis Reincarnation
  219. Breathless Press: 3 Winners – choice of book from our back list
  220. Eden Glenn: E- ARC of Novellette “Raynia’s Magic”
  221. Jessica Subject: Ebook copy of Never Gonna Let You Go
  222. Barbara Robinson: PDF of ebook Southern Superstitions
  223. Ann Jacobs: Sony Reader (Pocket Edition)
  224. Layla Hunter: Ecopy of Skin Deep & a $10 GC to SCP
  225. Sam Cheever: Giant box of chocolates and an autographed book
  226. Blackraven’s Reviews: [Uknown]
  227. Blackraven’s Erotic Cafe: [Uknown]
  228. The Readers Roundtable After Dark: [Uknown]
  229. Dark Diva Review: [Uknown]
  230. AJ’s Reading Nook: [Uknown]
  231. Jennifer Conner: 3 ebooks & Valentine basket, coffee & chocolate
  232. Holley Trent: $5 Starbucks eGift Card
  233. Tamara Monteau: Electronic copy of Haven’s King, Haven’s Realm 4
  234. Day Dreaming: International e-book giveaway
  235. SL Carpenter: 2- ebooks Owned & Remember When
  236. Joan K Maze: [Unknown]
  237. Melissa Keir: $10 Amazon Gift card and Swirled Glass necklace.
  238. Ursula Whistler: $20 Amazon.com gift card
  239. Rita Schulte: June Hunt book or The blessing by dr john trent
  240. Chris Verstraete: Copy of ebook, THE KILLER VALETINE BALL
  241. Kristyn Nichols: $10 Amazon GC
  242. Charlie Cochran: A goodie bag of very English toiletries
  243. Savannah Chase: Ebook copy of Unwrap Me
  244. Nichelle Gregory: Ebook copies of Lovin’ Leela or Hearts & Diamonds!
  245. Wendy Siefkan: [Unknown]
  246. Karen Mueller Bryson: Ebook off backlist
  247. Close Encounters of the Night Kind: [Unknown]
  248. Eliza Knight: Signed copy of Pirate’s Past
  249. R.F. Ricks: A copy of Foolish Endeavors
  250. Regina Cole: An ebook copy of DEAR ADDI
  251. JoAnne Kenrick: 1NS author swag
  252. Charlie Cochet: Ebook of When Love Walked In, $10 Amazon GC, & a bookmark!
  253. K-Lee Klein: ebook copy of either Love & Patience or Theme of Hearts
  254. Shannon Leigh: Handmade necklace
  255. Jennie Andrus: ebook off backlist
  256. Lani Rhea: $10 Amazon Gift Card& The Ark Hotel:Under Bonded Contract
  257. Athanasios: 10 ecopies of Commitment
  258. Katriena Knights: A copy of Ring of Darkness
  259. Donna Steele: A ecopy of a book
  260. Selah Janel: ebook ‘mooner’ and $10 Amazon GC
  261. Zillah Anderson: $10 Amazon GC
  262. Laura Harner: $15 ebook bucks from All Romance eBooks
  263. Kimber An: ecopy of Drive-By Valentine

This contest runs until midnight tonight EST. At the end I will pick a winner and post it on February 15th. Be sure to leave your email in the comment section so that I may contact you with you win. Best of Luck and Happy Valentine's.

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  1. My favorite Valentine's Day memory was when my husband cooked me dinner. He had just had open heart surgery two weeks before, and I worked a double shift. All I wanted to do was take a hot bath and go to bed. I got home and he tried to wait up for me but fell asleep. There, on the table was a nice dinner (okay it was grilled cheese and pickles, but I really like that). It was so sweet of him. He also made me a homemade card. Made me cry.
    Happy Valentine's Day.


  2. Valentine's Day has never been a big deal for me, so I really don't have a favorite memory.


  3. When me and my hubby first got married he got home before me and put rose pedals and Tea light candles up the stairs to our bedroom and had the bed covered in roses and chocolate candies, with a bottle of champagne. It's was really nice! Now the only romantic thing I get is Anne Rainey books lol!

  4. No memories for me, not had good Valentine's yet. How sad does that sound.

    Happy Valentine


  5. I don't really have one since I haven't dated much. :(

    Happy Valentine's Day!

    menina.iscrazy @ yahoo.com

  6. I had a great one today. My hubby surprised me with a bottle of wine. debby236 at gmail dot com

  7. Thank you for the great giveaway! Happy Valentines! No plans. Just staying home reading a good book.

  8. Valentine's Day is just another day to me.it always has.So I don't have a favorite memory.

  9. And the winner is:

    smiles -- shelly@ledgetoplogistics.com

    Email me at: annerainey11@gmail.com and let me which of my ebooks you'd like! You can find a complete list of my books here: http://annerainey.com

    Thanks to ALL for commenting! :)