Tuesday, April 24, 2012

An Older Story Available on Kindle

Hi Ladies and Gents!

Just a quick note to let you know that I've made one of my older stories available on the Kindle for the first time! For a limited time I offered Instructing Sarah up for free on my website, but all good things must eventually come to an end, right?

Here's a bit more about the story. And I hope you like the exclusive excerpt!

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Greg Stiles craves his neighbor, Sarah Templeton. He figures she should’ve been named Sarah Temptation. So far, he's been a good boy and kept his distance. When another man moves into their complex and starts sniffing around Sarah, Greg’s honorable intentions fly right out the window. Time to show Miss Templeton just how good he can be.

Sarah isn't ashamed of her virginal status, just tired of it. She's always wanted a husband, kids, and the white picket fence. Those dreams seem forever out of reach. So when her hunky neighbor asks her out on a date, she jumps at the chance. She’s watched him. Wanted him. Now she’ll have him. Problem is, how does she keep him?

Sarah felt ridiculous standing in the wet mulch as she attempted to yank out one weed after another, but she took pride in her condominium. She‟d worked hard to have a place of her own since getting out from under her father‟s thumb. He‟d been a controlling and condescending man and she alone had taken the brunt of his forceful will. Being the only child with a mother who had skipped out only months after giving birth, Will Templeton had used her to exact revenge upon the woman who‟d wronged him. At every turn, Sarah was told how she was exactly like her mother. Just as useless, just as unappreciative. It had taken all her will power to realize he was nothing more than a bitter man who didn‟t value the joys of fatherhood.

She wanted a family, lots of kids, and a husband who would dote on them, but, at the ripe age of twenty-five, she was no closer to having that dream come true than she had been at twenty-four or twenty-three. She was the only twenty-five year old virgin she knew and she was pretty damn sure she would be heading straight to old maid status if she didn‟t do something to kick her sex life into gear. If she couldn‟t have children and a husband, the very least she could have is some fun.

Oh, it wasn‟t as if she was invisible to men, but none had ever made her want to take off her clothes. She‟d had a few boyfriends, but the relationships had always left her wanting more, as if there was something, or someone, out there just waiting for her.

Sarah yanked extra hard on the weed at her idealistic notions. Her father would roll his eyes and scoff if he knew she was thinking such things. He was a no-nonsense man and his attitude had always been that she was better off never falling in love. Love caused pain, he‟d say. She heard him mutter those words thousands of times. "Sarah, trust me. I know best. Love is like fog—one minute you can nearly taste it, the very next it‟s gone, and you‟re left wondering if it‟d all been nothing more than an illusion to start with."

She‟d kept her thoughts to herself and let him rant. He wouldn‟t take stock in anything she—a woman—had to say anyway so she‟d never bothered to change his mind. Again, she yanked at a weed, realizing too late that it‟d been a flower. "Damn it!"

"I‟m eternally grateful that I‟m not green and growing in your garden."

Sarah stumbled at the husky drawl and fell face first into her patch of daffodils. She twisted around, careful not to destroy her flowers completely and saw that the voice belonged to none other than Greg Stiles, her sexy, dark-haired neighbor with the brooding good looks that belonged on the cover of a hot romance novel. He was big, standing at the very least, six foot two, and had the solid body that could only be gained by hours and hours of hard work. She had admired him from afar for the entire two years that she‟d lived at Willow Glenn Condominiums, but he always seemed to be avoiding her, as if it pained him to be in her presence. Too late, she realized she was just sitting in mulch and staring.
Buy it here: Kindle 
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  1. I read the book when it first came out in 2007 but my computer crashed twice since then so I download the free copy from your web site but now I can't find it either :(
    I'll just have to buy it again and this time for my Kindle and hopefully it won't get lost LOL

  2. This is fantastic..I have not read this story yet so I look forward to getting a copy...