Monday, April 16, 2012

Who Wants Goodies?

I'm back from the Romantic Times Convention and I'm TIRED! It was a terrific event. I'm definitely planning to go again next year. :)

Now that I'm home though, I'm faced with the fact I ordered too many goodies! So, I'm doing a little giveaway today. All you have to do is go to the description page for Vance's Rules and read the blurb and excerpt. Then answer this question: Should Vance give Shayla a second chance?

I'm going to pick 5 winners! :)

First Place winner will receive:
So Sensitive (print),
Pleasure Bound (print),
a .PDF copy of Naked Games (which releases 8/1/12),
along with several misc. goodies.

Winner 2 will receive:
Body Rush (print),
Some Like it Rough (print)
a .PDF copy of Vance's Rules (which releases 5/15/12)
and several misc. goodies.

Winner 3 will receive:
Seduce Me (print),
Dare Me (print)
and several misc. goodies.

Winners 4 and 5 will receive:
readers' choice of one of my current ebook releases
and several misc. goodies

I'll pick winners on Friday, April 20th!

A Little Bit Naughty--out now!


  1. Yes, I do believe that Vance should give Shay another chance. She deserves the chance to tell him the truth of what happened and then be given a second chance as an adult, with no family interference. This being from someone who had their live controlled as a teenager and not having any control over somethings.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    Tammy F

  2. Yes I think Vance should give Shayla a second chance. She is trying to right a wrong from 12 yrs ago. She never forgot him or how he made her feel. I can wait to see how Vance gets Shayla to submit totally to him. Or how Shayla will drive Vance crazy with the need to dominate her totally. They were made for each other! Waiting on pins and needles for it to come out! You're one of my favorite authors! :)

  3. Yes, Vance should give Shayla a second chance. There is so much that happens when we are young that we dont have the capacity to understand until we actually mature and live our life. Until then we cant understand fully what we want out of life and mature enough to see what will make us happy and how to make that happen. love your books. Glad you had a great time.

  4. Yes, Vance should give her a chance. Twelve years is a long time. People change. Don't get me wrong, I don't see him receiving her with open arms. But he'd be good to proceed with caution.

  5. I think they should. Everyone deserves a second chance in life and love.

  6. Yes he should give her a second chance and move on to see where thei relationship tales them.

  7. Tsk! Of course, Vance should give Shay another chance. The real question is should Shay bother to try to make the lunkhead understand what really happened? He is such a dolt! jepebATverizonDOTnet

  8. Yes,I think he should give her a second chance. She's trying to make things right,to make him understand what happened all those years ago. They're both adults and learned from past actions.Everyone deserves a second chance at love.


  9. I think he should give her a second chance. It will not be easy and he should not make it easy. Twelve years is a long time but if the spark is still there, they have the chance. She just needs to clear the air as she said.
    debby236 at gmail dot com

  10. Love all these answers!

    And guess what?! I just got a sneak peek at the cover for Breaking Brodix, book 3 of the Blackwater series. It's gorgeous! I can't wait until I can show it off to you all :)

  11. betty@cinderpeak.com8:24 PM

    Yes, he should give her a second chance. Neither one is the same person they were twelve years ago, They aren't teenagers any more but adults with a lot of baggage they need to get rid of.

  12. Yes, he should. We all make decisions and mistakes that we regret. Sometimes they are ones that we make on our own, sometimes they are ones we let others influence about. Can't wait to read this book once it is released! Bring on some good angst and romance!!
    Cheryl S.

  13. Yes. Everyone deserves a second chance. We all make mistakes and Shayla listening to her father was a big one, but she's there now to clear the air and Vance needs to listen to her.

    Joanne B

  14. Anonymous11:40 AM

    Yes, Vance needs to give Shayla a second chance. She has never forgotten the way he made her feel, they were high school sweethearts and she lost her virginity to him. Vance needs to listen to her and let her explain!

  15. My 5 winners are (in order):

    1st place: Joanne B

    2nd place: Debby

    3rd place:

    4th place: Lorimeehan

    5th place: Tammy F

    Ladies--send me an email at to claim prizes etc!

    Thanks for ALL the terrific comments! Sorry I'm late chosing winners. The days got away from me. :)