Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Another red-hot scene!

Another hot scene for you. This is from Instructing Sarah, which is available on Kindle only!

Adult Excerpt:

Greg got onto the bed, between her smooth, fleshy thighs and looked his fill. She had a neatly trimmed bikini line, and her clitoris and plump nether lips were totally exposed to his view. He licked his lips. “If I don’t get me a taste of some of that honey I’ll surely die, Sarah.”
He lowered his head and licked her from her clit to her dewy lips, and then in between. Her legs closed in embarrassment, but his hands clutched her, holding her firmly in place. Greg tasted her tangy flavor on his tongue and knew he’d never sampled anything sweeter. He inhaled her womanly scent, sucked her clit in between his teeth and nibbled.
Sarah’s hands flew to his head, clutching and grasping handfuls of his hair in stinging desperation for more. When his tongue thrust between her folds, she lost it completely and pushed against his face, undulating as he tongue-fucked her. A few more licks to her clit and she burst wide, screaming and straining against the unyielding hold his hands had on her soft thighs. He stared as she became lost in the age-old instinct to hold onto the delirious feelings of orgasm for as long as humanly possible.
Greg waited her out, keeping his tongue and lips against her sopping wet mound while she gained control once again. Sarah collapsed back, the muscles in her thighs going slack as they fell open, her hands dropping back to the bed. Only then did he lift up and stare down at the tempting picture she presented.
She looked nearly asleep already, exhausted from her climax, but when he dipped his finger into her slippery cunt her eyes flew open on a start. He pulled it back out and brought it to her lips, rubbing her lube against them before he leaned down and kissed it off her. She whimpered for him and wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him down on top of her...


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  1. Wow. That's all I can say wow.

  2. All I can say is hot hot hot...