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Memorial Weekend Contest!

Okay, ladies and gents, it's time for another giveaway. This time I'm picking 3 winners. Each will receive their choice of 1 of my CURRENT ebooks. You can see a list of all my ebooks HERE.

How to win.
All you have to do is sign up to receive my newsletter. The sign up form can be found on the HOME PAGE of my website (on the right sidebar). If you are already signed up, then you're automattically entered to win. Winners will be chosen at random.

I'll announce winners on Tuesday (5/29). That gives y'all plenty of time to enter. :)

***Special Note to the winners:
My Kensington Aphrodisia titles are available on the Nook and Kindle only. I don't have .PDF copies, I'm sorry.

And here are a few military honor of this awesome holiday! Okay, so a few of these guys might not actually be military, but I'm willing to play pretend. *wink, wink*

And now that you're all hot under the collar, how about another erotic scene from Body Rush? Rememer, the print version of this book is on sale at Amazon for 60% off! Enjoy!

Adult Excerpt:

She’d trusted him enough to come home with him, a veritable stranger, but touching her own soft pussy, teasing herself into a frenzy while he watched? It would be the ultimate form of surrender. With her mind and body wrapped up in hot, liquid pleasure, a woman was at her most vulnerable. Defenses were shattered. Nothing but raw feeling.

The real problem would be keeping his hands off her. Letting her pet the little cunt he so badly ached to bury his dick in was going to be sheer torture.

Hunter pushed the record button on the side of the camcorder he’d retrieved from a drawer in his entertainment cabinet. “Touch yourself, Jeanette.”

Leaning against the dresser, he held the camera in front of his face, watching through the viewfinder. His pretty coffee shop owner lay on his bed, legs pressed tightly together, hair spread out all over the dark red comforter. Her skin like cream, lush and soft, seemed frighteningly delicate. He reminded himself for the thousandth time to be gentle with her when he finally managed to bury his cock inside her. He couldn’t let his savage instinct take over. He’d need to maintain control or risk hurting her. The thought that he could cause Jeanette even an ounce of pain took his ardor down a few notches.

Her hands clutched the comforter at her sides, her breathing choppy. Nervous tension filled the room. Hunter wrapped a fist around his cock and growled, “Look at me, sweetness.”

Jeanette’s pretty brown gaze shot to his, then quickly traveled a course down his body to land on the hand he had on his dick. “Do you see how hard I am? How badly I want you?” She licked her lips and nodded. Hunter moved his hand up and down, a slow massage, giving her the fantasy she craved. “We’re going to make that fantasy come true, baby. Drive me wild. Show me that pretty body all hot and flush with arousal.”

 Jeanette bit her lip. When her right hand released the comforter, Hunter sucked in a breath, anticipating what would come next. She slid her hand over her flat belly first, then moved upward to her breast. As she cupped the soft orb, Hunter cursed, his hand on his cock tightening. A delicate finger flicked and toyed with the nipple he’d sucked earlier, making his mouth water for another taste. Suddenly her other hand came up to cover her pussy, her legs spreading open a few inches.

“More,” he demanded, “show me,” unable to stand the slow pace she’d set for them.


Hunter’s hand tightened on the camera as he zoomed in on the swollen, pink lips of Jeanette’s sex. “Open for me. Tempt your Motorcycle Man, baby.”

Jeanette’s eyes were at half-mast as she watched him stroke his cock. Slowly, as if deliberately teasing him, she moved her legs wide and massaged her fingers over her clit a few times before dipping two fingers into the slick entrance. Hunter squeezed his cock tighter before giving into the need to pump. Once, twice, then he forced himself to stop. Too close. Fuck, just watching her tentatively touch herself took him to the very edge. A few more pumps from his fist and he’d be shooting his load all over the damn carpet.

It was an exercise in control to stand across the room, watching. So easily he could drop the camera and go to her, he could stroke that smooth female flesh himself, play to his heart’s content. In an effort to maintain control, he fisted his hand at his side and kept hold of the camera.

A sexy smile curved Jeanette’s pretty mouth. “Do you like what you see, Hunter?”

His hand on the camera clenched, his leg muscles flexing  with the urge to take her rough, the need to prove how good it would be between them nearly too strong to ignore. His dick was like granite he was so fucking hard. Just a few steps and he could slide it between Jeanette’s succulent pussy lips. Again he had to remind himself to go slow. Rough would come later. Right now he needed to see more of that confident smile.

As she touched the pad of her thumb to her clit, Hunter licked his lips and knew a momentary pang of jealousy. That sweet little bud should be in his mouth right now.

Without conscious thought, he stepped away from the dresser. Hunter didn’t stop moving until he was standing at the end of the bed, looking up the length of Jeanette’s beautiful body. She rewarded him with a shy smile, as if knowing her little show was pushing him beyond reason. She slid her fingers in and out of her tight heat, and toyed with the little bundle of nerves, her moans filling the room. He drank in the sight of her as her breathing increased, her shyness slipping slowly away until all that remained was a gorgeous seductress.

“So pretty,” he murmured as he leaned down and pinched her nipple.

When she arched off the bed and buried her fingers deeper, Hunter groaned. Her hips moved back and forth in a rhythm that had his cock dripping with pre-come. As she cupped her free hand over one round breast, plucked and tugged at her own nipple, Hunter’s control snapped. He dropped the camera on the bed and leaned down. Jeanette’s eyes widened, fingers stilled.

Planting both hands on either side of her head, he snarled, “You win. I’m putty in your hands, sweetness.”

He touched the inside of her thigh, smoothing his hand toward the tempting wet center he ached to sink into. The staccato of Hunter’s heartbeat nearly drowned out all else.

“Hunter, I want to watch you touch your cock a little more.” The throaty purr in her voice tore down shields he’d thought impenetrable around his heart.

Hunter kissed her. “The show’s over,” he whispered against the satin of her lips. “I need to feel your body hugging my cock.”

“Just once more? Pretty please?”

Yeah, like a man could say no to such a plea. “Fuck, you really like watching, huh?”

“I like watching you. You’re so big, so hard. It’s exciting to see your fist wrapped so tight around your cock.”

“Your wish is my command, sweetness.” Hunter crawled onto the bed and sat back on his haunches, then wrapped a tight fist around his heavy length. He pumped, slowly, up and down, intrigued when Jeanette’s eyes grew dark with passion. Her lips parted and her small pink tongue darted out, licking, as if imagining his taste. He watched the movement, sensing that tentative stroke on his cock.

“Is this what you like?” he asked. Jeanette’s eager nod sent a jolt of possessive heat through his body. He swiped his thumb over the pre-come at the bulbous tip, then brought it to her lips. “Lick it, pretty baby.”  


A Little Bit Naughty--out now!


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