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A Sexy Scene from Vance's Rules

Since I'm in the mood to share the hotness lately, how about a sexy scene from Vance's Rules (releasing May 15th)?

You can read the first chapter HERE
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Adult Excerpt:

With a swiftness that surprised her, Vance came down on the bed and lay down next to her. A pair of large, calloused hands grasped her around the waist, pulling her up and sitting her down on top of him in one smooth motion. At once, Shayla felt totally exposed.

He seemed to sense her nervous jitters. "You’re beautiful, Shayla," he murmured. "I want to watch you this time." She started to say something, anything, but Vance hushed her with a finger to her kiss-swollen lips. "You can be the one to run the show when we’re in this position. Wouldn’t you like that?"

To be in control of the powerful Vance Jennings? Yeah, Shayla liked the idea a lot. When his arousal pushed at the cleft of her bottom, a little thrill ran through her. He was hard for her. She wanted to think that no other woman could do that to Vance, but she knew she’d be kidding herself. Still, she could pretend. 

Shayla wiggled her hips, and the sound of her name came from somewhere deep inside of Vance. The sight of him beneath her held her spellbound. A sexy dusting of dark curly hair sprinkled his muscular chest, and his six-pack abs made her anxious to dance her fingers across every hard inch of him. As her gaze wandered lower, she took in the enticing trail of hair that brought her to his cock, which stood out from his body, a long, thick length of steel that had Shayla’s mouth watering. When she glanced into his hazel eyes, they darkened with the fire burning bright inside him. She watched his lips thin as if he wasn’t too sure about letting her be in charge all of a sudden.

"Are you certain you wouldn’t rather be on top?" she offered. "I don’t mind." He was such a sexual man, meeting his needs suddenly seemed like a major undertaking. She didn’t know if she had it in her to please him.

"I’m sure," he said in a rough voice. "I like seeing your pretty body perched on top of me. I’m free to explore this way."

When Vance’s hands closed over her breasts and massaged, Shayla became lost to the sensation of his work-scarred palms teasing her sensitive nipples. She closed her eyes and began to move her hips back and forth, slowly at first, enjoying the feel of his hard cock nestled between her buttocks. Bracing herself on his chest, she rolled her hips back and forth, clenching her thighs around him. Vance growled low in his throat and moved his hands to her ass cheeks. He squeezed and tore a moan from deep within Shayla. She opened her eyes again and bent down far enough that her nipples grazed his chest hair. The dark curls rasped them to taut peaks.

"Kiss me, honey," Vance urged.

Unable to deny him a single thing, Shayla brought her mouth to his and licked at his full lower lip. God, no man should have a mouth so beautiful. Her teeth nibbled at the satiny skin, and his arms came around her and crushed her to him. She felt herself spiraling out of control, felt Vance’s instinctive need to dominate boiling to the surface. He was more demanding, and definitely rougher than before. The grown-up Vance had a wild side, and it turned Shayla on something fierce. Her passion burned hotter as she gave herself freedom to do the things she’d dreamed of for so many years.

Shayla rose up a fraction and gazed into his heavy-lidded eyes. "I want to taste more of you," she said. "Please."

As if not trusting himself to speak, Vance nodded. She lowered her head to his chest and tasted his salty skin. He was so deliciously male, Shayla knew she’d never get enough. Her tongue darted out and laved his nipple. Her fingers curled in his chest hair, and she tugged a little. He groaned, and Shayla smiled. She slid down his body, oblivious to her own nudity now, and kissed his flat, rock-hard abs. She ran her hands over his steely chest and his thick biceps. Shayla had a need to touch him everywhere at once, to memorize every line and angle.

When she reached his cock, Shayla looked up the length of him and saw the raw need in his gaze as he watched her, his entire body still and tense. She swept her hair out of the way and lowered her head. Without breaking eye contact, Shayla grasped him in her hand and squeezed.

"Fuck yeah," he growled.

You can read the first chapter HERE
or  Pre-order From ~ Samhain | Amazon Kindle | B & N Nook

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