Friday, June 01, 2012

Kindle Freebie!

As a way to celebrate my oldest daughter graduating from high school this weekend (sniff, sniff), I've decided to give Instructing Sarah away for FREE on Amazon Kindle. This offer is good June 1-5 ONLY! So grab it while it's hot, folks. ;)

Instructing Sarah

This story was previously published in 2007

Greg Stiles craves his neighbor, Sarah Templeton. He figures she should’ve been named Sarah Temptation. So far, he’s been a good boy and kept his distance. When another man moves into their complex and starts sniffing around Sarah, Greg’s honorable intentions fly right out the window. Time to show Miss Templeton just how good he can be.

Sarah isn’t ashamed of her virginal status, just tired of it. She’s always wanted a husband, kids, and the white picket fence. Those dreams seem forever out of reach. So when her hunky neighbor asks her out on a date, she jumps at the chance. She’s watched him. Wanted him. Now she’ll have him. Problem is, how does she keep him?

Get if FREE for a limited time ~ Amazon Kindle Only

And since it's Friday, how about a few cuties?! These men come to you courtesy of Savannah Chase's Pinterest page. You all should check it out and 'follow' her because no one knows sexy quite like Savannah! :D


A Little Bit Naughty--out now!


  1. julie9:42 AM

    thanks for the freebie. congrats on your daughters graduation. l loved all the pics, makes fridays a bit more special

  2. Anne, very cool about the freebie..I already own the book so I know people will love it..thank you for the amazing shout about me and my pictures...You made me smile..

  3. Thank u so much although we all got it in our kindles but it doesnt hurt to see if we can advertise .... yummy

  4. Kathy1:13 PM

    Thank you.... !!