Monday, June 25, 2012

Naked Games Giveaway

Naked Games releases on July 31st and I'm super excited, yet sad. It's the last book in my Hard to Get series and I'm a little vulnerable because I know it's time to walk away. The thing is, I've fallen madly in love with the Harrison family and knowing I won't be visiting with them anymore brings tears to my eyes.

We writers get terribly attached to our characters. They don't become real to us, they start out that way. From the first moment that they begin nagging us for their stories to be told we get wrapped up in their lives. To the point where we could quite easily live inside our imagination 24 hours a day.

Catherine and Dean sucked me into their romantic tale and I didn't want to let go. I love how difficult Dean can be. He's stubborn and walks around with a big chip on his shoulder, but there's a softer side to him too. He hides it under a layer of concrete, but it's there! Catherine is his match in all ways. Smart and gentle, but no pushover either. She's a woman with a backbone, and that is exactly what Dean needs. A lady with integrity, as well as a whole lot of love to give. But will Dean be able to let go of his past long enough to see that Catherine is a woman of worth or will the wall of his stubbornness prove too thick to penetrate?

You'll have to wait and see when July 31st gets here.

In the meantime, 2 of you will win PRINT copies of Naked Games on Friday June 29th! All you have to do is answer this question: What creative (crazy/wild/not so smart) things have you done in order to buy your favorite authors' books--even when you didn't have two pennies to rub together?

I'm as addicted as the rest of you, trust me. LOL! So, I'll answer this one too. One of my old tricks was to buy books at the grocery store. This way, it wasn't quite as obvious that I was spending that hard earned--and budgeted--money on books. It would just seem like I spent a tad more than usual on groceries that week. *snickers*  Hey, you need to feed the addiction somehow, right?! :P

So, leave me a comment, answer the question, and you're entered to win!


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  1. Phuong1:00 AM

    I would go to "used bookstore" and buy some used, but in very good condition books and then throw in some new releases as well so it would feel like I saved some money. Of course, I really didn't since I ended up buying A LOT...LOL.

  2. I've sold stuff to get some money to buy book. I'm addicted I need my fill. I can't imagine not having them. Congrats on the coming release. Can't wait to read it.

  3. Crazy and wild...not so much. When money's tight and I'm in need of my book fix I tend to go the consignment store to purchase a few but I certainly like your idea I'll have to think of it next time I'm grocery shopping. I love your books Anne, and this one sounds amazing.

    My fingers are crossed.


  4. I haven't really done anything crazy or wild.When things were tight I've been pretty lucky that the libraries always had the books I wanted.But sometimes the waiting lists were long.
    A not so smart move,was taking a few bucks out piggy banks to buy my books.But yes I always put it back. :)

  5. Anonymous1:50 PM

    Since last year my husband said I couldn't spend any more then $20/weekly on books so I've been fibbing on how much the other bills are :)

  6. I buy as many as possible at the grocery store. I have also been known to skip lunches so I can buy a must have now book.

  7. I have been known to take the ridiculously heavy water bottle full of change and tipping it over so I can count out enough change to buy the book. Of course, I can't pick up the stupid thing and put it back where it started. I have dropped it on my foot. I have wrenched my back. I have even been caught a couple of times by my family. It is so sad when I run out of book money. I am like an addict looking for a fix. jepebATverizonDOTnet

  8. Stalk, um, I mean follow authors online super closely trying to win copies of their books ;) I'm sure I didn't actually scare any of them! :D

    Congrats on finishing this series, Anne--it's been one incredible ride!

    f dot chen at comcast dot net

  9. When money has been tight, I've gone to library sales and yard sales. I've also sold books to the Half Price Bookstore we have in town and then used that money to buy more books from them. I figure, I'm just helping the economy. I've also stalked, oops followed, authors and their contests and even done surveys for some book money.
    Congrats on Naked Games. I, too, am sad that this is the end for the Harrison family. But life must go on and at least we have the Jennings family books to look forward to.


  10. I told my dh that they were gifts, but really kept them for myself! - A gift for me! lol

    jlshadden @