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Pleasure Bound--in Target Stores now!!

YAY!!! Target has selected PLEASURE BOUND for their “New Year Hot Reads” So excited to hear PLEASURE BOUND is on sale now in @Target stores! Go get a hot read for the new year! WOOT! — at Target.

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Pleasure Bound

Adult Excerpt:

Jonas tore himself out of his thoughts and sprinted toward the front door. His entire body went from zero to sixty as he glanced through the peephole. It seemed to take a shitload of time to unlock the door and get it open. When he did, Jonas nearly swallowed his tongue at the sight that greeted him.

Deanna stood in the hallway wearing a short black dress and a pair of the sexiest black pumps he’d ever seen on a woman. Attractive didn’t begin to describe her. Long legs, silky dark hair spilling down over her shoulders, and curves in all the right places. His hands itched to reach out and touch.

“Deanna,” he said by way of greeting.

She planted one hand on her hip and clutched a small black purse in the other. “Are you going to let me in or what?”

Jonas grinned at her sullen expression and stepped back to give her room to enter. After she was inside, he shut and locked the door. Deanna looked around the room; no doubt the interior designer in her was hard at work measuring up his furnishings. He, on the other hand, was busy measuring her up. Such a sweet ass. What he’d love to do to that delicious body part alone. Yum.

“Uh, I told you I needed a decorator, so don’t complain if it’s not up to par.”

She turned, halting his little fantasy. “It’s not so bad.”

“It’s ugly as hell and we both know it.”

Their gazes clashed. “I didn’t come here to talk about your couch.”

Jonas moved closer, noticing the way her spine stiffened. “I was hoping not,” he murmured. “And?”

“I’ll come to Miami with you.”

She said it so fast; Jonas had to take a second before the full meaning of her words hit him. “Be sure, Deanna. Be damn sure.”

She nodded and placed her palms against his chest. “I am. I’m through denying myself.”

He kept his hands at his sides and willed himself to stay calm. “I won’t hurt you, kitten. I’m not Gary.”

“I know you aren’t, but I’m not the fling type of woman, Jonas. I don’t do casual sex.”

“Good,” he growled. “There’s nothing casual about what I feel for you.”

Jonas wrapped his arms around her and pulled her against him, needing to feel her curves and valleys; then he tasted her as if he had all night. He licked her lips, and they parted for him. He thrust his tongue in and fucked her hot mouth. Her soft, pliable flesh against his hard body made him crazy with need. She was a drug to him. At that moment, Jonas knew he would do anything, say anything, to be inside of her sweet heat. The idea that she had so much control over him pissed him off.

Jonas lifted his head and stared down at her closed eyes and flushed face. He took in the scoop neckline of her dress and the tops of her heaving mounds of flesh that were exposed. Christ, what he wouldn’t give to tug the material a few inches south, to see her tits all plump and soft and ready to be suckled. He ached to wrap his lips around her nipples and nibble on them with his teeth. Bending his knees, Jonas lifted her into his arms and strode toward the couch.

Her eyes shot open when he sat her down in the center. He saw realization dawn in their pretty depths. “W-what are you doing?”

“Giving you a taste of what you’ll get in Miami.”

 “Jonas, please.”

He wasn’t certain whether she was pleading for him to continue or let her get up and leave. Jonas bent down and kissed her again, tasting her sweetness. He lifted an inch and asked, “Please what, Deanna?”

She buried her fingers in his hair and tugged him forward. “Please kiss me again.”

“Mmm, my pleasure, kitten.” He tilted her head back, forcing her to look at him as he covered her mouth with his. She let out a little whimper. “You’ve been driving me crazy,” he whispered between kisses. “I’ve been a pain in the ass all week because I couldn’t stop thinking about you.” He kissed his way over her chin and lower. When his lips found the jumpy vein in her neck, he licked and sucked. Deanna’s fingers tightened, pulling almost painfully at his hair. “Soon I’m going to kiss every inch of you. I’m going to fill you up.” Jonas went to his knees in front of her and took hold of the hem of her dress. “Until then, until Miami, there’s this…”

“Jonas, what are you doing to me?” she asked in a voice gone husky with her arousal.

“I’ve been dying to taste you,” he answered. Deanna’s eyes rounded and fire sparked to life in their brown depths. “Lift up a little for me. Prove to me that you want this.”

When she quickly complied, Jonas’s dick hardened. He slipped her dress upward a few inches, not quite exposing her panties. The satin of her lightly tanned skin beckoned him. Lowering his head, Jonas kissed a little mole high on her inner thigh. “Jesus, you have the sexiest legs I’ve ever seen.” When he pushed the dress up to her waist, exposing a black, silky thong, Jonas’s dick wept with joy. “Goddamn, that’s hot.”

She started to protest, and he could see the way her cheeks bloomed pink at his erotic words. He didn’t know how experienced Deanna was, but he suspected she was way too innocent for the likes of him. Not that it mattered, because he wasn’t going anywhere.

Jonas fingered the leg band of the thong and hummed his approval. “Did you wear this for me, Deanna?” She licked her lips and stayed silent. Her gaze ate him up, though. If she only knew what that look was doing to his self-control, she’d get up and run.

Not willing to give her too much time to rethink her decision, Jonas tugged the little black scrap of material to one side, baring her pussy for the first time…
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