Wednesday, March 13, 2013

New Contest -- New Covers!

New contest! This one goes until April 1st. So, here's what you do.

I tend to slip in some of my favorite dishes in my books. Like in Yes, Master, Ruby is eating pralines and cream ice cream, my favorite flavor. In Naked Games, Dean makes Catherine delicious hot chocolate with little marshmallows on top. In Vance's Rules, Vance makes Shayla penne pasta and Alfredo sauce. All faves of mine.

So... my question to you: What is one of your personal favorite yummy dish?
I'll pick 10 winners (yes, 10) to receive print copies of YES, MASTER and BODY RUSH (with the purty new cover). :D

Post your answer  on my FACEBOOK FAN PAGE. NOT HERE. I won't be checking both sites for entries, I'm on a deadline. So, please go to my Facebook page, be sure to click the 'like' button, then leave me a comment/post.  

Also, I have new covers to unveil. If you're on my Facebook Fan Page, then you might have seen these already. These are the Dutch covers for So Sensitive and Naked Games. Sexy, right? They will come out in paperback and ebook format in Belgium, The Netherlands, etc.

It's so much fun seeing my books translated! I love it! :)


Yes, Master--February 26th!

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