Thursday, May 02, 2013

The 12 Days of Reilly

 A new giveaway! I'm calling it The 12 Days of Reilly.
Each day on my FACEBOOK FAN PAGE, I'll ask a question and when you comment (on my fan page, NOT here) you're entered. At the start of the next day I'll pick 1 winner, then it'll be round two. All winners will get their choice of 1 of my current ebooks. NOT PRINT. So, 12 winners--12 ebooks--1 each day. Sound fun?

Now, go to my FAN PAGE and check out today's question! :)

Samhain Publishing — May 14, 2013
Reilly’s Wildcard (ebook)

Blackwater, Book 4

The most potent lover she’s ever had…and the morning sickness to prove it!

Lucy Rice knew that a night of uninhibited passion with sex-on-a-stick Reilly Jennings would leave a lasting impression on her body. But never in a million years did she expect to see a plus sign appear on that little white stick.

Pregnant? She can’t believe her eyes. When a second test confirms it, Lucy admits the truth. She’s about to be a one-night-stand mommy. How’s that for luck?

Reilly never wanted the responsibility of fatherhood, much less tie himself to an infuriating, headstrong woman like Lucy. Still, his sense of honor won’t let him abandon his baby like his biological parents abandoned him. Yet it isn’t long before he’s captivated by the coming baby—and the mother carrying it.

Lucy is rocked with all sorts of conflicting feelings for the father of her child. Unfortunately, she’s been down that road before, and it left her a blubbering mess. Not again. No way, no how. Except Reilly seems hell-bent on keeping her close. Maybe it’s the hormones, but Lucy’s beginning to forget why that’s a bad idea…

Yes, Master--February 26th!

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