Sunday, December 06, 2015

Motorcycles anyone?

Hi Readers,

How about a sexy excerpt from Ride of Her Life?
Guys on motorcycles...two thumbs up! :)

He stepped closer and bent his head. She could smell his breath. Minty. As if he’d anticipated a kiss from her and took the necessary precautions? The notion should not turn her joints to jelly, darn it.

“I’d rather not talk about my mom. Or Renee.”

“Uh, okay.”

“Are you going to let me take you on that ride, Lily?”

The ride. The picnic. Right. Her head was in the clouds. Your head is in the gutter, big fibber, because all you can think about is riding him. To hell with the picnic. “It sounds lovely.” There, not a single tremble. Steady as a rock.

His hand came toward her face and Lily froze. When a strong, calloused finger stroked her cheek, she melted. “Give me your phone number.”

Unable to deny him, Lily rattled it off. “I have some things to do tomorrow, like get a rental now that I have no car, but I’ll be free after four-ish.”

Kyle nodded. “I’ll come by around four thirty.”

“What do you want me to bring?”

“I’ll take care of everything.” He leaned closer, his lips brushing hers in a soft caress. Lily swayed forward, aching for more. Aching for Kyle. Instead, he lifted his head and winked. “I’ll see you tomorrow, Lily.”

“Yes,” she agreed, her voice breathless, “tomorrow.” She watched as he got on his motorcycle and turned the key, the engine rumbling to life. It sounded powerful, dangerous. Like the man sitting atop it. As he backed out of her driveway and drove off, Lily could only stare. She was going on a picnic with Kyle Wolff, a man ten years her junior. Hot damn.
Ride of Her Life

Yes, Master--February 26th!

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