Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Loving Amber--up for pre-order!

Hi Readers,

I have some exciting news to share with you. Loving Amber is up for pre-order on Amazon Kindle. I'm very excited about this book because it's the first romance story that I've written in about a year. Also, it's the start of a trilogy. Don't you just love trilogies? I've always been a fan of trilogies ever since I first read Nora Roberts Born In trilogy. Pre-order From Amazon Kindle | Read Chapter One

Loving Amber--Coming February 16, 2016

Loving Amber
She’s about to get up close and personal…
Amber is seriously overworked and in bad need of a vacation. At first she’s thinking a week in sultry Miami might do the trick. But when the sexy and mysterious Sean Gunner moves in next door, Amber decides a stay-cation is just the sort of break she needs. His dark hair and bedroom eyes give her lots of sinful ideas. And not even Amber’s nuisance of an ex-husband is going to derail her from getting up close and personal with the hottie next door.

Sean moved to the small burb for some much needed peace and quiet to work on his latest novel. But there’s just something about Amber. When she bakes him a batch of cookies to welcome him to the neighborhood, Sean sees it as a chance to get to know the sexy woman a little better. Later, Sean is forced to come to Amber’s rescue and save her from her ex, Sean finds he’s loath to ignore the sensual woman. In fact, before Amber’s vacation is over Sean intends to leave the woman breathless and begging for more.

Pre-order From Amazon Kindle | Read Chapter One

Loving Amber-- February 16, 2016!


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