Friday, May 23, 2008

I feel like a hot excerpt!

She was what a man desired in a woman. Soft, womanly curves, a sweet innocence that made him want to shelter and protect, and a hot, steamy inner passion just begging to be released. She was so ripe. Nick ached to pluck her from the vine that kept her chained and taste every juicy inch.

Lacey whimpered and went pliant in his arms. It was all the encouragement he needed. If Nick couldn’t have all of her today, right now then he’d at least take a sample. Something that would stick with him, tide him over until he could have it all.

He used his tongue to coax her lips apart, licking at the delicate skin until she finally surrendered. He entered the sweet cavern of her mouth and explored its wet heat. He moved his tongue in a rhythm akin to making love, going slowly in and out, building the pleasure by small measures. Suddenly, Lacey’s delicate hands were in his hair. She grabbed handfuls and pulled him closer still.

Nick took his mouth from hers. “Baby, I want you. I want to be buried inside of you until you scream my name. God, how I’ve fantasized about that.” He shut his eyes for a minute in an effort to gain control before opening them again. “But I’m not sure you’re ready.” When she started to protest, he hushed her by placing his index finger to her lips. “I will give you an appetizer.” No way was he going to leave her wanting.

Nick turned them so she lay against the couch, his body covering hers. He touched his tongue to her lips again, but this time it was just a bare whisper. Even so, Lacey whimpered again. The teasing little sound could be addicting.

He kissed each of her eyelids and trailed his lips along her cheeks, taking his time, drawing out the pleasure. If only it would last forever. Every time she blinked, every time she moved, he wanted her to think only of him and beg him for more.

Sitting back on his haunches, he pulled her top up over her head, and threw it on the floor. She wasn’t wearing a bra and his eyes drank in her delicate form. Baby-pink. That was the shade of her nipples. They were large and puffy. He’d never seen anything sweeter, or more tempting.

“Oh, baby, you are every man’s fantasy come to life, and you’re all mine.”

Not giving her a chance to respond, he leaned down and sucked one pink tip into his mouth, rolling it with his tongue and biting it lightly, giving in to the frantic need clawing at him. He closed his eyes and savored her unique flavor.

One last lick and he released the hard bud then pulled back to gaze into her eyes. “You taste as good as you smell. Somehow I knew you would.” His voice was almost unrecognizable even to him. He descended onto the other breast, brushing it with his tongue while his hand was busy toying and kneading the other.

“Nick, please, I want you.”

It was almost too much. He stopped his ministrations and taunted, “Good, I want you crazy for it, Lace.” Then he crawled down her body, and undid the fly to her jean shorts. He slithered them down her strong, runner’s legs, kissing each inch of flesh he exposed. He stopped in surprise when he got her shorts off all the way and looked at her panties. “Christ, had I known what you were wearing I would have moved a hell of a lot faster.”

She wore a lacey turquoise thong. Nick could clearly see her brown curls underneath the scarce covering. The beautiful sight fired his blood.

It made him so hard he ached.

“Did I ever tell you that turquoise is my favorite color?” he asked, his eyes never leaving her nest of curls. When he thought he heard a whispered “no”, he groaned, “Well it sure as hell is now.”

With her shorts all the way off, he looked down at her. Passion darkened her pale blue eyes and her face was rosy from the scrape of his morning stubble. Her damp, silky hair fanned out across the cushion. He had a moment to think of just how sexy she appeared. His gaze darted to her nipples, distended and wet from his loving. He rumbled his approval and fondled the firm globes.

He’d waited for this moment far too long and yet it was better than he’d ever imagined. He felt like a kid with a new toy.

Touching Lace--Samhain Publishing--4 stars, RT ~buy here

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