Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thursday Thirteen--Fall Faves

Before I get to my Thursday Thirteen, I wanted to remind everyone about the poll I'm doing. If you haven't voted yet, please do! It's at the top of the sidebar and takes all of two seconds. Thanks! :)

The things I love most about fall.

1. Bonfires. We always end up having at least one bonfire this time of year.

 2. Who doesn't love th changing colors? The trees are so gorgeous this time of year!

3. College football! I LOVE college football. Of course, I wasn't so happy this past Saturday when the Bucks got their butts beat. Come on, guys, step it up! 

 4. My husband's gumbo. Yum! I love when he gets out the big pot. Just the smell of it cooking can have my stomach rumbling.

5. Halloween, of course. Candy, costumes, and scary movies!

6. Warm cider. Is there really a person alive who doesn't just love this stuff?

7. Slipper socks. Okay, I confess, my youngest daughter and I have a thing about slipper socks. We don't just wear them in the fall either. And no, those aren't our feet. LOL

8. Thanksgiving dinner. Family, good home cooked food, and lots of laughter. Last year was the best Thanksgiving we've had in years. Hoping this year will be just as wonderful.

9. Cozy Pjs. I love my Pjs. That's actually my old desk, but M & Ms are pretty much a regular part of my diet. lol
10. Pumpkin spice candles. I love walking into a house and smelling it. It's so warm and inviting. Although, I admit, it makes me a little hungry too. ;)

 11. What would this time of year be without the Charlie Brown classic? It's always been a favorite of mine.
 12. The only thing better than hot cider, is hot chocolate. God, doesn't that look delicious? I want some right now, darn it!
 13. Last but not least, camping. We always seem to go camping in the fall. Getting out the sleeping bags and warm sweatshirts and just leaving the hectic world behind. It's such a great way to unwind and get back to what's really important, family time. (an older picture, couldn't find a more recent one)

What do you love about fall? Any particular thing you look forward to this time of year? 


  1. I love the leaves changing color and hot chocolate. Used to love bonfires but haven't been to one in years :)

  2. Stable weather, tending towards cool. Although it's been in the middle 80s here.

    I like the grass not growing. I like it a lot. :)

    I like splitting wood for fires.

    I like the pool temp going below 60 so I don't have to watch it so close.

    I like fewer bugs on the porch. Unfortunately, the mosquitoes like fall, too.

    I like the feeling of change in the air. I don't like the fact that the change coming is winter.

  3. Maria--We live way out in the country so bonfires are a regular thing with us. lol

  4. Jake--My husband loves not having to mow, as well! lol

  5. I like the cooler daytime temp in the 80's night in the 50's, perfect weather, hot chocolate, beef stew or homemade veggie soup or chili. I love eating out of a bowl, less to wash. I don't like the shorter days, hate when the time changes.

  6. Linda--Ah, darn. Now I'm sitting here thinking of my mom's beef stew. She used to make it when we were in high school. She'd put in the crock pot and head off to work. When I got home from school the house would smell so good and I'd dive right in! :)

  7. Living in Florida, I just love the cooler temps! Of course there were great things on your list, but the end of hurricane season is a big bonus for us! ; )

  8. My aunt lives in Florida. I was just telling her that I'm about to come down for some fun in the sun! LOL