Monday, August 29, 2011

Hot Excerpt--vampire romance

Price: .99

Just for the heck of it I figured I'd share a smokin' hot excerpt from my self-pubbed vampire romance A Diamond at Midnight. I hope you enjoy it! :)

Adult Excerpt:
Jesus, she was beautiful. Lush and sexy. His beautiful, rare diamond. Enthralled, Cain stood motionless as Diamonique’s left hand went to her breasts, the other to her sweet center. She arched her back and closed her eyes, fondling herself for his viewing pleasure. Two fingers dipped between her swollen labia, then back out. Cain could see her juices—smell her intoxicating scent. As she plucked at her puckered nipple, arching off the bed, Cain went wild. 

He flew to her, moved over her aroused body and pinned her beneath him. Using his knee, Cain pushed her legs wide and settled himself between. By sheer force of will, he kept himself from sinking into the cradle of her warmth. He wanted this to last. He never wanted it to end. Cain needed this moment etched into his memory forever.

Grasping her wrists in one hand, Cain raised them above her head. She was stretched out under him like an offering. He allowed his other hand free rein. He drifted his palm down her curves, to cup her soft mound, then stroked her wet folds open and sank one finger deep. Diamonique moaned and thrashed about, her breasts swayed back and forth in her struggle for completion. It was the ultimate temptation. He dipped his head and took one round breast into his mouth, sucking as much of the sensitive orb in as he finger-fucked her.

“Cain, please!”

Her pleading command was music to his ears. He moved to her other sweetly rounded flesh and lavished it with the same amount of attention. Diamonique lifted up, smashing her breasts into his hungry mouth. He felt his incisors lengthen. Unable to stop, Cain bit down, piercing her flesh. She screamed his name and came apart in his arms. Her blood rushed into his mouth and he drank, starved for her unique flavor. The clutch of her tight heat as her juices soaked his finger, drove his body into a frenzy of lust.

Once her tremors subsided, Cain pulled his finger free, sucked it clean, and then licked the pinpricks on her breast. He pressed a gentle kiss to her mouth and lifted his head.

“You give me something I’ve never had from any other woman, love,” Cain confessed.

Her eyelids lifted, her voice raw when she asked, “What’s that, Cain?”

“You give me the sun.”

She frowned. “I don’t understand.”

“When I’m with you, I feel warm again. My soul is brought back to life.”


Fear resurfaced in her eyes and he hated it—-hated himself for putting it there. Cain leaned down and kissed it away, then let go of her hands and sat back long enough to flip her onto her stomach. As he came back down atop her, caging her in with his arms at either side of her head, he drove his throbbing shaft into her with one quick thrust and they both moaned...

Price: .99

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