Thursday, September 29, 2011

A few favorite scenes

Today I'm posting a few of my personal favorite quotes/scenes from my stories! :-)

From A Little Bit Naughty:

She pushed out of his arms and sat at the old, scarred wood table. "I’m slightly overweight, and I have zero fashion sense. Hardly a hottie, Leo."

Leo straddled the chair across from her and waited until she dug into her pork before saying, "It’s like when a dog spies a juicy hamburger on the edge of the counter. I don’t care how well behaved the dog is. He’s going to try and get a taste. And you, sweetheart, are juicy."

She stopped chewing and frowned up at him. Swallowing back a bite, she said, "Are you saying I’m a hamburger? If you’re going to compare me to beef at least make it a steak."

He chuckled and dug into his own food. "You’re a filet mignon and don’t you forget it."

From What She Wants:

Emotions clogged her throat at his declaration. When he pushed his way into her suite and set her on her feet, he frowned. "Why do you look like someone just kicked your puppy? I thought you’d be happy to see me."

She bit her lip and shook her head.

"What is it, pretty baby?"

"I-I’ve missed you too."

He stepped closer, pinning her between his large body and the door, then he leaned down until he was a mere breath away. "When I come within ten feet of you I bet your heart races, doesn’t it? Your eyes turn drowsy and your nipples peak for me." He paused, tipped up her chin and forced her to look at him. "I know I turn you on, and I sort of had the feeling you were beginning to care about me." The finger resting under her chin moved down to her neck. He massaged her jumping pulse. "Now I have this crazy feeling that you’d rather I’d stayed in Ohio. Is that it, baby?"

She couldn’t think with him so close, touching her. As she breathed in his musky male scent, Summer blurted out the first thing to pop into her head. "Your life is in Ohio, Gage. Mine’s here. How can that possibly work?"

"Things can change."

From So Sensitive:

He leaned forward in his chair and placed both hands on her thighs and squeezed. His warmth seeped right through the jeans she‟d pulled on earlier. "So, is Hard & Dangerous anyone I know, baby?"

His cocky attitude had her speaking without thinking. "No. You wouldn‟t know him. But it doesn‟t matter because I‟ve decided he‟s too arrogant for me. And annoying. He‟s very annoying."

He had the nerve to chuckle. "Oh, yeah?"

Gracie batted his hands away from her thighs. "Definitely. In fact, if I saw him right now, I‟d probably hit him or something."

He leaned back, his ornery grin speaking volumes. "Brings out the worst in you, does he?"

To give herself something to do, Gracie started fiddling with the keys on her laptop. "I don‟t know about the worst, but he does bring me to violence quite often."

"That‟s not the tune you were singing in that last post. In fact, I believe you said something about wanting to eat him up because he‟s
so delicious."

Her temples started to pound. "I‟ve amended my earlier assessment of the man."

From my upcoming release Pleasure Bound (Oct. 25):

Jonas reached over and brought one of her hands away from her face, then gave it a little squeeze. "What is it? Talk to me."

She sighed and slumped against the seat. "I keep seeing Ray pointing that gun at you. You could've died and there would've been nothing I could do to stop him, Jonas."

Jonas couldn‟t be more surprised. "That‟s what‟s upsetting you? Fear for me?"

"I panicked and just sat there," she cried out. "I couldn't breathe, Jonas. I thought he was going to kill you and I just sat there."

When she started to cry big, silent tears, Jonas felt like someone was ripping him apart from the inside. "Stop, damn it," Jonas gently ordered as he brought her hand to his lips for a kiss. "Stop beating yourself up or I swear I'll spank your ass."

Deanna laughed and Jonas thought she sounded close to hysterics. "As far as threats, that's a lousy one."

"Why, because you think I won‟t do it?"

"No, because a spanking from you isn‟t frightening--it‟s hot."

I hope you enjoyed those!!
Happy reading,

A Little Bit Naughty--out now!

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