Thursday, September 01, 2011

A New Hunk, A Contest, & An Update!

I have several things to share with you all today. First, thanks to Mari Carr and Lauren Dane I'm now taking part in Snippet Saturday. What is Snippet Saturday? This is where a bunch of us authors post excerpts from our releases, current and upcoming, along with the links to all the other authors' blogs taking part in Snippet Saturday. There is a theme to the excerpts and each Saturday is different and fun. I'm new to this thing, but the other ladies are old hats at it. So, to kick off MY part in Snippet Saturday, I decided to have a contest! *grin* I'm way overdue for one anyway and I have a ton of author copies here to unload on some unsuspecting readers. BWAHAHA!

Here's the deal. This Saturday, Sept. 3rd, I'm going to share an excerpt with you all and I'll be giving away some print books in the process. I'll pick several winners from those who leave me a comment on Saturday. So, be sure to come by and say hi!

Also, if you look to the left you'll see that I've posted my September Hunk. Cute, huh? hehe! I had several cuties in my hunk folder and I couldn't decide which one I liked best. To help me I enlisted the crew on my Yahoo Group, Reading After Dark. There were two guys that ulimately gained several votes, but sleeping beauty there won the most votes. In order to keep Guy #2 from feeling left out, however, I've decided he should be October's Hunk. It's only fair, after all. 

Last but not least, I've updated my website. Somewhat. I still have more updates to do, but there is only so much time in a day. Anywho, for a sneak peek at my upcoming Samhain release, Sam's Promise, check out this page. Sam's Promise is the first in the Blackwater series and I'm really excited about it. Also, there is a tiny bit of info there about the second book in the series, Vance's Rules. I hope you like what you read. ;-)

A little bit of background about the Blackwater series. One day my oldest daughter came home from school talking about these boys she knows. Five brothers, all adopted. I had to wonder what sort of person would take on five boys to raise? Someone very special, no doubt. Well, the idea took root and I realized I had a rather emotional start to a series here. Thus, the Jennings brothers were created.

Sam, Vance, Brodix, Reilly and River.

All five of these guys have had their share of hard knocks. All are emotionally damaged. And all are completely loyal to Wanda, their adoptive mother. She took them in and gave them their first real taste of love. Wanda taught them what it meant to be a family. So, when she has a heart attack and they learn the family business, the Blackwater Diner, is near bankruptcy, they all step in to make things right. Along the way, though, Wanda has plans of her own. Plans that include finding the perfect match for each of her boys--and she tends to get what she wants, one way or another. :)

And before I go, I wanted to remind everyone that I've posted the prologue to my upcoming Kensington release, Pleasure Bound, on my website. You can read it here

Happy reading,

A Little Bit Naughty--out now!


  1. Great blog Anne! This new series sounds very very good! Looking forward to it!

  2. I can't wait til Saturday - I will have to sneak on as it's hubby's bday but I will be there! I love your books- xoxo

  3. Wow, what a fabulous premise for a series! I dropped in for September's eye-candy (hummina hummina), and left with the anticipation of reading Sam's Promise. Great job! :)

  4. Both new books sound great! Thanks for the preview

  5. Cheryl S6:48 PM

    Very excited for the contest and for your new books! Love your stuff!!
    Cheryl S

  6. All great news! Love to see contest ; ) and hunks! Spend way too much on my addiction! (reading!)

  7. Anonymous12:06 PM

    Regina I agree with you! Hunk and reading all we need now is chocolate and wine.

  8. Anonymous12:57 PM

    Enjoyed the Blog, LOVED the pic, and the site updates look great!

    hugs, Kari Thomas,

  9. Thanks Everyone! I'm really excited about the new series. I hope you end up loving these brothers as much as I do! :)